Lime Crime vs The Competition

Cosmetics are some of the most popular products on the market today. There are literally hundreds of brands and thousands of products to choose from on any given day. The bad thing about this is that the market is over saturated which makes trying to find what you’re looking for impossible. Many of today’s cosmetics are loaded with chemical additives and are tested on animals which is another reason to not support the brands. Luckily there is a new and improved brand that is totally different from the rest and that brand is Lime Crime. For people who love to be different and express themselves in another fashion, this exclusive product line takes the cake. What makes it so different is by the wide array of colors. These aren’t just your average everyday colors, but more so blended color tones. Even their names grabs the attention such as wicked, utopia, shroom, black velvet, red velvet, faded, cashmere, rave, pink velvet, and many more.


Founder Doe Deerehas found a winning strategy thanks to this eclectic sense of style. The brand is actually a reflection of herself as she’s always been a bit eclectic in nature. Deere implemented this blueprint into a industry that was void of bright and brilliant colors. In 2008 she launched the brand and from there it has been making huge waves throughout the industry. Lime Crime has a large fan base especially online. This is a universal brand with unisex appeal as men and women tend to enjoy wearing the dazzling array of colors. The Blue Unicorn Lipsticks have become a fan favorite as well and who knew these blended colors would have such massive appeal worldwide.


Liquid Matte Make-Up Finishis another secret here as these lipsticks are touch proof, kiss proof, water proof, easy to apply, and easy to remove. Being vegan-free doesn’t as well as not being tested on animals. Lime Crime is simply on another level when it comes to lipstick make-up. The brand has expanded into eye shadow and nail polish which has made it main stay in modern day society.

Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold Gains Global Recognition

Bernardo Chua is a Phillippino businessman who has spent years working with and leading multi-level, internationally renowned companies His first job was with Gano Excel in the Phillippines before moving onto the USA Gano Excel branch of the company. He helped expand the Gano brand to countries around the world including to places far and wide as Hong Kong and the United States.

Soon Chua moved to California to take over as President of the Gano USA brand where he marketed products such as Ganoderma in them. The company sells everything from instant coffee to capsules and other food-related products.

In 2015, Bernardo Chua made a trip to Milan to accept special awards at a special ceremony in Hemady Square where two of his latest products in the Organo Gold line had received the prestigious Dangal Ng Bayan Awards while his company’s brand Organo Gold also received two People’s Choice Awards.

These awards were founded back in 1981 to motivate Philippino people to achieve higher goals in their business ventures. Bernardo Chua was also recognized as an “Oustanding Global Entrepreneur” for his role as CEO and founding Organo Gold which is now one of the fastest-growing network companies in the entire world. Learn more about Bernado Chua: and

Organo Gold is known for being a revolutionary, life-changing coffee and also offers various other products containing the ingredient Ganoderma Lucidum which is supposed to have antioxidant qualities to it. It’s use dates all the way back to ancient Chinese medicine.

Chua’s extraordinary vision to help people live healthier lives and make it easier to get their antioxidants in each day. Today, the Organo Gold line does that job and helps spread antioxidant-rich coffee to the entire world through multi-level marketing at the suggested retail price.

Organo Gold is currently operating in 50 countries and continues to grow over time. They also support a global team that ensures that the distribution process runs smoothly. The entire process is headed up by CEO of the company Mr. Chua!

How Fabletics Innovators Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are Pioneering the Digital Front

While we have all heard about Fabletics, and if you haven’t, take a minute and hop onto their site to see what it is all about…because it’s truly amazing, we often hear about the brand’s glamorous frontrunner, actress Kate Hudson. Hudson’s contribution as not only a spokesperson but a leader in many aspects of the company have certainly been a huge contributor into Fabletics success. Not only is she the face and voice of Fabletics, she manages social media strategy, reviews product lines and new items, and even checks in on sales numbers on a weekly (or more frequent) basis to ensure she is up to date on any and everything going on. On article said she knows exactly which pieces are performing best at all times.


However, the most recent article regarding Fabletics is a testament to its founding dynamic duo, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The two have joined each other on many ventures and Goldberg himself launched a successful company and even dropped out of high school to become COO.


The article discussed how Ressler and Goldenberg strategies behind Fabletics, as well as their other companies, to make them such a powerhouse success. First, instead of starting with idea and jumping into market research, the two focused on true pain points on the market place. In the fashion and athletic wear space especially, they saw that the average consumer is having less time to shop and moving online, but was hesitant to trust the functionality of an online fitness purchase. Users spent hours seeking for the best price and size. Fabletics has revolutionized all of that by starting each visit by using a Lifestyle Quiz to use an algorithm to create a unique user profile, meaning for the rest of the experience, each users orders are tailored just to their individual needs.


The two have worked together on many projects and co-own TechStyle, a brand that focuses on fashion innovation that thrives in the digital and mobile worlds. In fact, TechStyle was recently rebranded from a former name to purposefully show their focus on technology and innovation. Ressler and Goldenberg have always made technology and e-commerce a central cornerstone of their companies. In fact, in a recent article they talked about how many brands that have been around for decades are struggling to stay up with digital-first platforms. Most of their companies are new enough to go digital first straight out of the gate, giving them an advantage.

Wondering How To Rock Retirement In Precious Metals? Read This!

With conventional retirement plans falling short on promises of absolute financial security, Americans anticipate tougher times ahead. Lately, precious metal investments have opened brighter prospects for retirees in pursuit of wealth and long-term financial independence. Philip N. Diehl of U.S. Money Reserve will launch an upcoming Emergency Gold Conference.

As the issues of economic depression, global terrorism, swelling national debt, misguided world leaders and growing cyber threats gain momentum; Diehl intends to engage the nation with this awareness campaign. At the Austin, Texas venue, the U.S. Reserve president will also provide commentary on his latest U.S. Gold Report.

With the volatile nature of today’s fickle financial markets, the retired U.S. Mint director will argue how investing in precious metals, particularly “Gold” paves the way to sustainable financial independence.

By arming investors with actionable information, Diehl believes this strategic move will strengthen their position in making sound financial decisions. As an expert precious metals authority, his opinion pieces have been featured by CNN, Forbes, the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), CNBC, Business Insider, the Financial Times and the Washington Post.

A well-established connoisseur of “precious metals, the U.S. Money Reserve operates the largest global coin and currency distribution network. At last year’s 37th staging of the Telly Awards competition, U.S. Money Reserve prevailed a winner, finishing third place in the category for media industry excellence.

This victory comes with its innovative “Philip Diehl IRA” program that’s re-establishing retirement privileges for American families. With almost two decades in operation, the reserve has earned a coveted reputation and a massive following. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Infamously dubbed “America’s Gold Authority,” it’s commissioned an elite team, including its president, a former director of the U.S. Mint. With this advantage, U.S. Money Reserve extends capable hands, credible expertise and hands-on knowledge concerning all monetary systems, be it domestic or foreign.

It specializes in cultivating wealth assets by sourcing diverse platinum, gold, and silver products from around the world. In the wake of helping citizens discover the precious metals market to replenish and sustain wealth during retirement, U.S. Money launched “2016 Gold Summit.”

It’s a 28-minute commentary segment moderated by Larry King. Among panelists are U.S. Money Reserve’s own Philip Diehl, Brad Castillo, Michael Reagan and John Rothams.

This roundtable discussion challenged the realities of investing in precious metals, highlighting the market implications and prospects. With this series, U.S. Money Reserve touches base with controversial topics that are at top of mind for every investor.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: Multi-Talented Lawyer

Since Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho first started practicing law, he knew that he was always going to do what he could to protect people and to make their lives better. He has always wanted to stand up for people who cannot stand up for themselves and this has given him the motivation that he needs to make things better in his own practice. There are many different things that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho with the opportunities that he has and this has helped him to grow in the business that he is a part of. It has also made things easier for him so that he will be able to bring more opportunity to the areas that he is a part of. While Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been able to grow as an attorney, he has also been able to help his clients grow so that they are more confident about the things that they have going on in their own lives.

Attorneys in Brazil are held to a high standard by the Brazilian Constitution. This is the document that dictates what these attorneys are able to do and what they can provide to people in the event that something is going on in the economy. All lawyers must be aware of the options that they have in these law areas and it is something that they must be able to handle no matter what is going on with the different things in their clients’ lives.

For Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, making sure that all of his clients are taken care of is his number one priority. From big name celebrities to political figures, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho knows a lot about the different things that go on in the legal area of Brazil. He also knows that things will be able to get better if people can try new things and if they are able to have an attorney that they feel confident in. No matter what, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho always works to make sure that his clients are confident in his skills.

The need for championing the rights


Currently, several organizations and individuals dedicate their time and resources to ensuring that there is freedom. The minority has always been treated as if they have no rights. Their portion in a country is taken as a reject. Very little attention is given to the minority and for this reason; some individuals have dedicated their time and resources to ensure that these groups get quality lives and equal rights.

Human rights have always been ignored. The migrants feel the weight of being migrants. Most of them are not welcome in their host countries, and this type of life appears to be so hard on them.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the co-founders of Phoenix New York times. In 2007, the duo was arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Jim and Michael were arrested because of the article they wrote on the Sheriff. Later, they were released and compensated a sum of $3.75 million. With this money, the journalists dedicated it to the course of championing human rights. The minority groups like the migrants have always had rough times in the country. With this settlement, the two have supported the different groups that advocate for these rights and to ensure that there is equality for every citizen.

The groups advocating for the rights

International Migrants’ right advocacy

This group has been in existence for over 20 years. The migrants have had difficult times coping in the United States and other countries especially in Europe. This organization is dedicated to ensuring that these groups get the sufficient care and protection from the hostile public. Equally, most migrants have left their original countries because of certain difficulties. When they migrate to the United States, they need government protection and care.

The organization has championed for the rights of the migrants over a long time. Currently, the group works with other organizations to ensure that they provide full protection. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Some of these groups include the Global Coalition on Migration and Women in Migration Network. These groups help in organizing protests. They receive funds from different organizations which support their course like the Advocates for Human Rights.

The advocates for human rights

This is an organization that is composed of lawyers, especially from the United States. These lawyers come together to fight for the right of the immigrants when they are in need.

In several countries like the United States, the immigrants hardly have a forum to discuss their issues. Since the lawyers have a good mastery of the law, they can use the courts to champion for the rights. In several occasions, the organization also funds other activities that require human rights.

Border Advocacy group

During the migration process, many migrants die at the borders. They cannot get to reach their host countries in peace. Certain advocacy groups provide voluntary programs that would enable the migration to be done in peace. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

There are cases of border deaths which are not addressed. Through this group, the rights of the minority both as migrants and humans have to be protected.

Securus Technologies Can Save Society

In a world today where things can go wrong with a community or city, and it’s vital to be careful with how you work and manage the community. Today, there are so many ways to keep yourself safe and maintain that protection. The most important thing to remember is that there are ways to even take care and maintain the world of those who are behind bars. With the help of Securus Technologies, you will find that they can help solve so many issues that countless companies and people are going through regarding correctional facilities.


The best thing that they are capable of providing is the opportunity is giving inmates the chance to keep in touch with their loved ones using the approved devices. It’s amazing how well these opportunities are bringing people together in a unique and powerful way. Securus Technologies is saving lives and solving all kinds of cases with their new online program and throughout their technology. The most important thing they want to do is give the correctional facilities and the people in them to get the help and connection they need and want daily.


Securus users with the facility have found that countless people have been helping using these devices by solving their cases. One story found somebody actually telling their younger sibling to know how to answer the judge when being questioned about a certain shooting. It’s scary how someone can be talking about important things like this and not be caught doing that. What’s interesting thing about this product is the fact that the correctional facility was able to use this personal information for solving the case in the small way that they did.


This is such a great company that wants to solve and prevent crimes. The best thing is that they work hard daily.


The Best you can Get from Finely Brewed Wine

UKV PLC works as an independent wine company that isn’t tied up to a single supply chain. They work closely with traders, merchants, and a network of brokers to draw and source a stock of highly or unusual sought after Champagne and wine. UKV deals with the supply and acquisition of bonded fine wine through their trading floor on behalf of the trade customers and private individuals.

They do not have a huge following on social media, but they regularly update useful consumer-oriented information, and this is helpful especially for both potential and the already existing clients. There is a lot you can gain from working with them. First, they have a personal approach to your needs given that they work in guiding you through the different options available. Also, if you prefer a face to face conversation, they will agree to meet you at a destination that is convenient for you.

Why Choose the Best-sourced Wine

If you are a wine connoisseur, then you know the need for investing in wine that is sourced from valued experts such as UKV PLC. The experts ensure that you purchase wine that meets the current market condition, and this will enable you to come up with a great wine collection. The value of wine increases with age, and if you are looking to make a fortune in the near future, it’s wise if you’d start sampling some of the fine collection from UKV PLC. Click here to know more.

When you purchase wine at UKV PLC, all the collection is held under your personal bonded account. This means that although you experience the advantages of storing wine in a controlled and desirable climate, you still own the wine collection. Additionally, the collection is insured, and you do not have to worry about its protection. You will also experience excellent quality in the selection of investment grade wines. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced or novice collector, UKV PLC helps you discover superior brands from some of the renowned vineyards in the European countries.


The Larkin and Lacey Fund Helps People with their Human Rights

Human rights are natural benefits that all people enjoy. They are given to people despite their race, gender, social status, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

These rights give people the ability to exist in peace, not to be enslaved by their fellow man and to able to direct the course of their life to the best of their ability.

Many people allow other human beings to exist in peace and in harmony. However, there are some groups and individuals who do not allow other people to exercise their rights at all. Michael Lacey and his co-worker Jim Larkin understand this truth all too well.

In 2007, these men were arrested and jailed by a Phoenix sheriff who did not like what they had done. These two men did not break the law or commit any major infraction. Instead, they released a story about a sheriff named Joe Arpaio. This story basically revealed that a grand jury was out to get reporters who were gathering evidence on Arpaio and his shady dealings as a lawman.

Arpaio did not want this to happen. So, he arranged to have Larkin and Lacey arrested and thrown in jail. Sheriff Arpaio even wanted all of the names who subscribed to Phoenix News Times. The Phoenix News Times is the publication where the story has been printed and it is owned by Larkin and Lacey. This is why Arpaio had targeted the two men thrown in jail.

Once a court of law tried this case they realized that the Arpaio and the Grand Jury had violated Larkin and Lacey’s rights. Their human rights as citizens were violated. Their First Amendment rights were dismissed just so a corrupt sheriff could avoid prosecution. Larkin and Lacey’s case was tried and in court and they were awarded close to 4 million dollars from this incident.

After this fund was created it has become a necessary tool for helping to protect the rights of people in Arizona. There are many at risk communities in the southwestern region of the U.S. Many of them need agencies in place to ensure that they are being treated fairly. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund was created by the Phoenix Times News founders for this purpose. This fund helps people human and civil rights when they have been violated.

The Frontera Fund primarily supports organizations in Phoenix and it also assists migrants that settle into the Arizona state area.

Logan Stout And IDLife Empowerment

People who do exceptionally well in their profession tend to be in high demand. A person’s leadership abilities, work ethics and their track record at being a team-builder are key ingredients to successful ventures. Building successful projects require discipline and the ability to motivate and understand the needs of people in today’s society.

The accomplished dad, husband, most sought-after business owner, philanthropist, entrepreneur, best-selling author, keynote speaker, leadership trainer, and founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization, Logan Stout has generated billions of dollars in revenue by building successful healthy projects and motivating people to do the same. Mr. Stout’s greatest aim is to empower and inspire readers to pursue and reach their God-given potential. He believes that nutrition plays a key role in building successful leaders.

Mr. Stout believes that good nutrition results in good health. A former athlete himself, he went all out to develop a nutritious drink that feeds the mind. He believes that healthy minds are better equipped at successfully reaching their God-given potential. Logan Stout’s recent business venture targeted health and wellness.

In May of 2014, Mr. Stout launched the IDLife project. The company featured products are vitamin packs tailored for people based on their age, sex, sun exposure, medical condition, prescription medications plus eating and exercise habits. “The ID” in IDLife stands for individually designed”. This project is designed to provide the exact nutrition a person needs when they need it.

The IDLife vitamins use pharmaceutical-grade nutrients and feature an exclusive “AM and PM pack”. This approach ensures the right amount of nutrients gets to the body when it needs them the most. Furthermore, there’s a unique maximum safety calculation screening for negative drug and nutrient exchanges to ensure the best possible health results.

To strengthen the project, Stout joined forces with nationally recognized authors and fitness ambassadors. They began and continue the exciting journey of building strong, knowledgeable, and highly skilled leaders who meet, collaborate and share ideas with other potential leaders and team players. Mr. Stout also joined forces with motivational speaker John C. Maxwell, to bring leadership and personal development training to all 196 nations in the world.

Learn more about Logan Stout: