Securus Technologies Maintains Its Presence As A Leading Provider Of Criminal Investigation Tools

Securus Technologies maintains its position as a leader and trendsetter in the field of criminal technology. The organization has been around for many years and has a great deal of experience in working with corrections operations, inmate-on-inmate investigation, public safety and modern communication. Securus is equipped to support its clients with all of the tools that are needed to prevent and solve a complicated crimes. The services are designed to perform in unique environments such as prisons and jails. Securus Technologies is based in Texas where it has served a number of different law enforcement bureaus and public safety organizations. Securus prides itself on being a company that agencies can rely on to make their environment a safe place.


There are a lot of details that go into managing detainment facilities. Specific tools and skilled personnel are needed to conduct the day-to-day business that happens in a place where the unexpected occurs on a regular basis. Securus Technologies opened for business in 1986 and began to make an impact on an industry that was in need of innovation. The company currently has offices in Atlanta Georgia as well as Dallas Texas. There are over 1,000 employees serving 2600 contracts to correctional facilities and safety organizations throughout the United States. The leaders of Securus Technologies are not content with maintaining its presence in the industry. The company looks to grow consistently. It spent six hundred million dollars on acquisitions and patents in order to advance its position in an industry that continues to change on a daily basis. Securus Technologies acquired Offender Management Systems in 2007. Offender management had been the leader in the industry until the acquisition to the much larger company.


Cell phone defender technology has become a crucial element to detainment facility management. Securus Technologies partnered with Harris Corporation in order to solidify service contracts with five different Department of Corrections agencies in 2006. Securus is pushing forward with the system. It is expected to assist correctional facility agents with inmate-on-inmate crimes and sophisticated investigations. The program was implemented in 2017 and it is a highly requested feature from Securus clients.


Securus Technologies is proud of its acquisition of JPay Inc. JPay has a very successful company working within the criminal technology industry. It specializes in email, payment processing and entertainment systems for correctional facilities. JPay has working relationships with correctional facilities in 33 states throughout the country. Securus Technologies expects the relationship with JPay to expand their reach within the industry. Their ability to offer more services and features will help Securus serve the thousands of contracts that are in place.


JPay will continue to conduct business as usual, which allows leaders at Securus Technologies to study their habits and evaluate their methods of success.


Securus Technologies Can Save Society

In a world today where things can go wrong with a community or city, and it’s vital to be careful with how you work and manage the community. Today, there are so many ways to keep yourself safe and maintain that protection. The most important thing to remember is that there are ways to even take care and maintain the world of those who are behind bars. With the help of Securus Technologies, you will find that they can help solve so many issues that countless companies and people are going through regarding correctional facilities.


The best thing that they are capable of providing is the opportunity is giving inmates the chance to keep in touch with their loved ones using the approved devices. It’s amazing how well these opportunities are bringing people together in a unique and powerful way. Securus Technologies is saving lives and solving all kinds of cases with their new online program and throughout their technology. The most important thing they want to do is give the correctional facilities and the people in them to get the help and connection they need and want daily.


Securus users with the facility have found that countless people have been helping using these devices by solving their cases. One story found somebody actually telling their younger sibling to know how to answer the judge when being questioned about a certain shooting. It’s scary how someone can be talking about important things like this and not be caught doing that. What’s interesting thing about this product is the fact that the correctional facility was able to use this personal information for solving the case in the small way that they did.


This is such a great company that wants to solve and prevent crimes. The best thing is that they work hard daily.