White Shark Media: Strategies for Resolving Clients’ Complaints

White Shark Media is an authority when it comes to the development of ingenious marketing solutions customized particularly for small and mid-sized businesses. On numerous occasions, the firm has received awards and acknowledgments as a fast-rising North America-based digital agency. Its growth stems from its reputation of coming up with budget friendly Search Marketing campaigns. The company dedicates its resources to delivering a memorable experience to its ever-expanding client base.


Since its inception, White Shark Media has forged a strong and amazing relationship with its clients. Many clients from different geographical locations and across distinct sectors have reached out to the company with many compliments. However, the company has also dealt with a fair share of complaints as well. White Shark Media has invested heavily in solving the issues raised by its clients.


How White Shark solves customer complaints


  1. Losing touch with AdWords campaigns


Customers residing close to White Shark’s head offices raised this issue. The firm discovered that the reporting procedures it had executed were not sufficient to permit owners of small business to review the company’s reports and be updated on the current affairs. White Shark Media has resolved this complaint by ensuring each client understands every bit of his or her campaign.


  1. Ineffective communication


Few months after the inception of White Shark Media, several clients felt that the firm’s communication was not good enough. The customers could not reach out to their contact person directly since they had to go through a receptionist. To solve this issue, the company implemented:


  • A monthly meeting via GoToMeeting: Each month, each customer and SEM Strategist evaluates the performance of AdWords campaign for the past 30 days. They communicate via GoToMeeting, a unique online conference tool.


  • Allowing clients to communicate with their contact person directly: Under this program, each customer is given details of his or her contact person as well as the person’s supervisor.



  1. Performance of optimized campaigns


White Shark Media’s mission is to develop well-performing campaigns on a monthly basis. At times, customers may feel that their campaigns are stagnant or are underperforming. The firm has implemented the following strategies:


  • The agency ensures all the existing AdWords campaigns are active.


  • Competent supervisors offer feedback and are responsible for all campaign management.



Although White Shark Media has not started offering SEO services, the company has the right expertise to identify a competent SEO firm. It evaluates all SEO work and proposals on behalf of its clients. The company’s Senior SEM Consultants follows customers from the sign-up phase to the optimization process. Additionally, in 2012, it executed a new procedure targeting new clients. The firm uses new AdWords account to ensure that new campaigns are developed from scratch.