The need for championing the rights


Currently, several organizations and individuals dedicate their time and resources to ensuring that there is freedom. The minority has always been treated as if they have no rights. Their portion in a country is taken as a reject. Very little attention is given to the minority and for this reason; some individuals have dedicated their time and resources to ensure that these groups get quality lives and equal rights.

Human rights have always been ignored. The migrants feel the weight of being migrants. Most of them are not welcome in their host countries, and this type of life appears to be so hard on them.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the co-founders of Phoenix New York times. In 2007, the duo was arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Jim and Michael were arrested because of the article they wrote on the Sheriff. Later, they were released and compensated a sum of $3.75 million. With this money, the journalists dedicated it to the course of championing human rights. The minority groups like the migrants have always had rough times in the country. With this settlement, the two have supported the different groups that advocate for these rights and to ensure that there is equality for every citizen.

The groups advocating for the rights

International Migrants’ right advocacy

This group has been in existence for over 20 years. The migrants have had difficult times coping in the United States and other countries especially in Europe. This organization is dedicated to ensuring that these groups get the sufficient care and protection from the hostile public. Equally, most migrants have left their original countries because of certain difficulties. When they migrate to the United States, they need government protection and care.

The organization has championed for the rights of the migrants over a long time. Currently, the group works with other organizations to ensure that they provide full protection. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Some of these groups include the Global Coalition on Migration and Women in Migration Network. These groups help in organizing protests. They receive funds from different organizations which support their course like the Advocates for Human Rights.

The advocates for human rights

This is an organization that is composed of lawyers, especially from the United States. These lawyers come together to fight for the right of the immigrants when they are in need.

In several countries like the United States, the immigrants hardly have a forum to discuss their issues. Since the lawyers have a good mastery of the law, they can use the courts to champion for the rights. In several occasions, the organization also funds other activities that require human rights.

Border Advocacy group

During the migration process, many migrants die at the borders. They cannot get to reach their host countries in peace. Certain advocacy groups provide voluntary programs that would enable the migration to be done in peace. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

There are cases of border deaths which are not addressed. Through this group, the rights of the minority both as migrants and humans have to be protected.