Ted Bauman Knows the Future of Bitcoins

When it comes to Bitcoin, everyone is trying to find a way into the hip new digital currency trend. It has brought up some intriguing prospects for the future. In a recent article on Medium.com, Ted Bauman issues gentle warnings about the currency as well as offering tips to his readers to make the most out of it. His article, Bitcoin Has a Massive Problem, is a plethora of financial wisdom when it comes to these internet-based transactions.

In his warning, Bauman talks about the transactions times that plague Bitcoin, a problem he explains will only continue to worsen as it becomes more popular. The reason for this is that since the network for Bitcoin has been decentralized when transactions are made the processors must create new Bitcoins. This is a lengthy process, comparative to other transactional resources, often taking more than 10 minutes. On busier days, the process time is excessive and can be as much as 42 minutes. Read this article at Medium.com.

So, Bauman believes that buying the currency right now will result in profits anyhow. The reason is that because of the slower transaction time, people have been looking for a new type of cryptocurrency. This was answered by a seemingly new type of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash. The best thing about this is that the previous old Bitcoins that were owned before the release of the new finance system were included in the new Bitcoin Cash program. Bauman foresees that Bitcoin Cash too will need an upgrade in the future. He postulates that the original Bitcoin, whose pricing has plummeted, will certainly be included in the same blanket as they did when Bitcoin Cash was released. He explains to his readers that buying now and waiting for this release will result in money in the bank. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

Jeff Yastine has been a successful financial expert for many years. An international traveler, he received his degree in Economics from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. His time in other countries leads to him collaborate on several projects dedicated to creating low-cost housing. He continued to work both domestically and internationally to further that cause. Later, he decided to develop his writing and share his investment knowledge with the public. To this day, he is still a major editor and author at Bayan Hill Publishing. His publications have touched many readers hoping to expand their financial horizon. In his writing, Ted Bauman continues his quest to help his readers become more financially sound.

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