Reasons Why Fabletics Has Become a Leading Brand

For modern companies to improve their chances of becoming successful in the modern competitive environment, it is essential to take advantage of the power of the crowd. This is the case for Fabletics which has been able to become a successful company by implementing the concepts of the power of the crowd. Before purchasing certain goods, clients are likely to conduct some thorough research on the internet. The reviews posted on the internet informs whether or not the client will make the final purchase. Indeed, clients are likely to trust a certain product based on the reviews which have been made on the internet. However, for the recommendations to become effective, they have to be made by someone familiar to the client. It is important to note that Fabletics was founded in the year 2013. Ever since its formation, the company has been able to take advantage of the power of the crowd and increased its sales by leaps and bounds. For instance, the company has been able to attain a growth of more than 200 per cent in a period of less than five years.


It is important to note that the revenues of the company are more than 235 million dollars within just a short period of time. In the view of some of the officials working for the company, taking advantage of the crowd is what has made it possible for the company to remain competitive for some time. Over time, the officials of the company have realized the significant role played by customer reviews in course of selling products. For instance, studies have shown that customer acquisition is informed by the customer reviews. It is also important to note that customer reviews can go a long way in improving loyalty towards the products of a certain company. To remain profitable in any business, customer retention is very important. Indeed, positive reviews can go a long way towards enhancing customer retention in many companies.


Kate Hudson has been able to give her opinions on why the athleisure brand has been winning. According to her, the ability of Fabletics to create affordable and high quality products is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular. In her opinion, the ability to inspire women of all walks of life is one of the main reasons why the company has been able to beat competition in the industry. To attract more clients, the company has been promoting an active lifestyle among women. Before Fabletics was founded, she acknowledges that yoga pants were retailing at about 250 dollars which made it hard for clients to afford.


The advertising model of the company has been influenced by the digital lives that most clients lead today. When making a decision on the kind of products to purchase, most clients are likely to consider the internet as an important ally. Before purchasing a certain product, modern clients are likely to conduct a thorough research of the company that is selling them. To ascertain whether Fabletics products are good for you, consider taking a lifestyle quiz.

Fabletics Enthusiastically Embraces Consumer Reviews

Recognizing the importance of dependable and reliable reviews that further advance the bottom line of a business, Fabletics has made the most of the power of review centric advertising policies.


The company, which was launched in 2013, has grown to more than $235 million in revenue with more than one million members. In addition to its online presence, Fabletics has 22 retail stores and plans to open approximately 12 more this year.


According to Fabletics, its growth has been steered by consumer reviews, improved loyalty and customer retention.


Upon registering members are asked to complete a quick quiz about their workout and lifestyle preferences. The information helps establish prices and produce what fashions customers will be asking for in the future.


Shawn Gold, corporate marketing officer of Fabletics parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, stated in a Huffington Post story, that a good deal of the brand’s accomplishments have resulted from welcoming the user reviews or crowd reviews.


The story, which pointed out how important online reviews are to consumers when deciding whether or not to purchase a brand, also involved many research studies.


For example, a recent BrightLocal study revealed 84 percent of consumers have confidence in online reviews similar to a personal recommendation from someone they know.


According to Peter Holten Muhlmann, founder and chief executive of Trustpilot, today there is security and trust in the views and responses from the crowd and the most intelligent brands not only are aware of this but take advantage of it as well.


More than half of those surveyed said they consistently read reviews as well as research a company while 60 percent said they would not use a business based on negative reviews.


Research firm L2 found 76 percent of top consumer brands highlight user reviews on their website as well as product pages to guide purchases. The research found the number of brands that have added in reviews to their website has soared by more than 70 percent since 2014.


L2 also found products with more reviews on various e-tail sites, such as Amazon and Walmart, rank higher in searches than sites with less reviews.


In addition, two studies by Moz and The Local SEO Guide, brought about positive online reviews that had a major influence on the brand’s search standing.


According to results from BrightLocal, 74 percent of people agreed they would engage in a purchase after observing user reviews on a product page.


From the restaurant perspective, Yelp found a one-star rise in rating directs revenue to a 5-9 percent boost. Yelp’s collective reviews expanded by 26 percent while app users rose by 22 percent compared to the previous year.


Fabletics was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. The retailer sells women’s athleisure apparel and accessories.


Kate Hudson was the first person the founders thought of as her approachable and active lifestyle exemplified what they would like Fabletics to develop into.


Hudson has been heavily involved from the onset, reviewing budgets, taking part in the design process and working closely with the team on all the styles.

Lime Crime vs The Competition

Cosmetics are some of the most popular products on the market today. There are literally hundreds of brands and thousands of products to choose from on any given day. The bad thing about this is that the market is over saturated which makes trying to find what you’re looking for impossible. Many of today’s cosmetics are loaded with chemical additives and are tested on animals which is another reason to not support the brands. Luckily there is a new and improved brand that is totally different from the rest and that brand is Lime Crime. For people who love to be different and express themselves in another fashion, this exclusive product line takes the cake. What makes it so different is by the wide array of colors. These aren’t just your average everyday colors, but more so blended color tones. Even their names grabs the attention such as wicked, utopia, shroom, black velvet, red velvet, faded, cashmere, rave, pink velvet, and many more.


Founder Doe Deerehas found a winning strategy thanks to this eclectic sense of style. The brand is actually a reflection of herself as she’s always been a bit eclectic in nature. Deere implemented this blueprint into a industry that was void of bright and brilliant colors. In 2008 she launched the brand and from there it has been making huge waves throughout the industry. Lime Crime has a large fan base especially online. This is a universal brand with unisex appeal as men and women tend to enjoy wearing the dazzling array of colors. The Blue Unicorn Lipsticks have become a fan favorite as well and who knew these blended colors would have such massive appeal worldwide.


Liquid Matte Make-Up Finishis another secret here as these lipsticks are touch proof, kiss proof, water proof, easy to apply, and easy to remove. Being vegan-free doesn’t as well as not being tested on animals. Lime Crime is simply on another level when it comes to lipstick make-up. The brand has expanded into eye shadow and nail polish which has made it main stay in modern day society.

Demi Lovato collaborates with Fabletics

Demi Lovato and Kate Hudson may be the next collaborative celebrity couple to watch! After first meeting in the gym, Kate Hudson has since decided to make Demi her first official collaborator with her fast growing athleisure brand, Fabletics. Demi’s limited edition collection launches this month, with a full collection coming out in August 2017. The items featured will be leggings, mesh and knit tops, racer back shirts, and some with phrases like “stay strong” to continue Demi’s empowering women platform.


Demi Lovato has about 57.6 million followers on Instagram (and growing daily), where she has been sharing pictures and videos every day of her amazing body transformation. She has recently started various training methods such as boxing, MMA fighting, and jiu jitsu. Sharing her active lifestyle among her various media outlets with such a confident platform has made Demi Lovato an inspiration to females everywhere. It’s no wonder Kate Hudson chose her to be her first collaborator.


A portion of the proceeds from the very affordable workout collection go to Girl Up Campaign, an organization ran by the United Nations Foundation that empowers young adolescent women all over the world. Also a portion of these sales will be directly given to SchoolCycle, which gives young girls bicycles, maintenance training and spare parts to allow an easy way to travel to school that is also safe. SchoolCycle works with UNFPA to get these bicycles.


Since announcing the recent partnership, Demi Lovato has spoken to many magazines and media outlets about this creative collaboration. Demi recently told W Magazine that she wanted to be sure to have “flattering yoga pants that have great compression in them.” Like Demi, we all want to have comfortable workout clothes that we feel we look nice while wearing. Partnering up with Fabletics has made this twenty-four year old celebrity even more of an athletic inspiration to modern young women.


According to Forbes, the brand Kate Hudson is the face of, Fabletics, made $250 million in just the first three years alone, as of November 2016. This is possible because their prices are relatively average, in comparison to other brands that are considered high-value which charge upwards of hundreds of dollars. Kate Hudson has worked very hard to get Fabletics the success it deserves. Making it so successful meant looking outside the box for some slightly different advertising and marketing approaches.


Fabletics has a website, as well as close to twenty physical stores across the United States, but their marketing strategies are less than universal. They have allowed browsing items and trying clothes on to become a positive aspect instead of negative. Clothes that members try on end up in their online cart as well. In turn, they have a wide membership base before the customers ever walk in a store; generally, if the customer is not a member already, they will become a member about a quarter of the time before they leave. Fabletics’ new collection is sure to be very modern and fashionable.

Wengie’s YouTube Smoky Bold Eye Makeup Tutorial

Asian beauty and YouTube viral personality Wengie gives us an in-depth tutorial on how to create a smoky, sexy look for the eyes. Wengie is the digital ambassador for the New Shu Uemura in collaboration with KYE cosmetics collection. Mainly, this tutorial appeals to those with Hooded eyelids. Hooded eyelids also known as Hooded eyes, are a specific eye type that refers to how the upper eyelids are hidden and the natural crease of the eyelid is very hard to see. Many well-known celebrities with Hooded eyelids include Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, and Renee Zellweger just to name a few.


Wengie walks you step by step showing you to create the perfect face. But today we are focusing on Wengie demonstrating her smouldering, smoky eye look for us. On the eyebrows, Wengie uses the Hard Formula Brow Pencil in order to finely shape and clean the arch of the brow. Wengie goes on to transform and darken the eyebrows by adding a punch of burgundy pearl color by using Limited Edition Rose & Cappuccino Brow Pallette and Limited Edition Rose Brow Manicure Mascara. Wengie suggests nothing but a matte application featuring the Shu Eyeshadow Pallette to enhance the crease of the eyelids and contour the nose bridge. Applying beautiful earth tones such as medium brown and dark matte colors bring out more of the burgundy tones in the eyebrows. Making sure you are blending in the colors is imperative.


Wengie applies The Black Calligraph Ink Eyeliner in a bold thick manner of a wing shape which creates an almost nostalgic look. She then layers with Limited Edition KYE Black Drawing Pencil along her lower lash line for a thicker look that will not smudge. Lastly, to further bring out her eyes, Wengie enhances her smoky look with a Limited Edition KYE Navy Drawing Pencil by tracing on top of the thick black wing shape making it much darker. Wengie by far has done a phenomenal job in making a face an illustrious canvas.

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Fabletics: Changing the Rules of the Game

In a world where Amazon controls 20% of the e-commerce business, it is next to impossible to conquer or to break even. To be able to defeat the giant, you need to have strategy, tenacity and be audacious and that is what Fabletics have brought to the field.

Fabletics, founded in 2013, uses the subscription method to sell their clothes. The premise may appear easy, but that is what has given them success. In the last three years, the Company has increased their sales to $250 million. Their membership plan has allowed them to offer personalized services to their customers and that is they keep coming back for more.

Fabletics has positioned itself to achieve success by implementing three different strategies:

  • Maximizing on ‘reverse showrooming.’

Most people do not use the online stores to buy their products. They will browse and get an idea of what they want and then find physical stores to purchase the items at a discount. This is a challenge that has affected the e-commerce market for a long time. However, Fabletics have nipped the problem in the bud by opening pop-up stores. Their customers now have stores that they can use to purchase the clothing that they want. 50% of the people who go to the online stores are members.

  • Using the online data

When you become a member of Fabletics, you will be required to fill in a short form indicating your fashion preference. The team will then use the information to stock the pop-up stores. The Company has managed to promote customer satisfaction.

  • They have combined culture and accessibility

Even though the Company has experienced challenges, they have managed to establish a balance between the culture, customer experience and, education.

Fabletics has proven to be a strong contender in the Fashion industry by providing the customers a unique and exclusive brand.

About Fabletics

Kate Hudson is the co-founder and the brand ambassador of the Company. Fabletics is a Fashion Company that focuses on the active wear. They initially started off as an online retail store. However, due to the increase of their customers, they opened up pop-up stores.

Fabletics uses a different mechanism than the other online stores. Their service is exclusively subscription-based. For you to enjoy the benefits of the Company, you need to become a VIP member. As mentioned above, you will have to provide them with information that will help them provide you with personalized service. Every month, you will receive an email with the latest offers. You will then have between 1st and 5th of that month to make a decision. If you don’t find anything that you like, you can skip the offer. Keep in mind that when you fail to take action a credit of $ 49 will be added to your account.

Their products are made of high-quality material, and they are cost effective. They also provide you with various styles and versions that you can choose.

Why Fabletics is so successful in athleisure market

What happens when you combine intrusive business strategy and a team of passionate entrepreneurs from fashion industry? You end up with a rapidly growing fashion brand that is destined to conquer the market like Fabletics. Fabletics is an athleisure fashion brand from the USA that was created by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson in July 2013. The brand officially started its business in October 2013, and since then it has been shocking the fashion industry with its immense success regarding growth, market penetration, and profitability.


While Fabletics started its business with selling activewear or sportswear to female segment only, it gradually expanded its business to the male segments. Now, this brand sells trendy sportswear and accessories to a wide range customers across the USA and the world. The brand now has a strong and loyal fan base with millions of members, and it secured 25% in every year. With less than three years of its inception, it has become a $250 million brand and now it is competing with major online retail stores such as Amazon and others. Such an unprecedented success of Fabletics was only possible due to its innovative approach to brand promotion. The management behind Fabletics comes with diversified expertise in fashion and brand management in the fashion industry which has accelerated the growth of this brand. Fabletics has a strong focus on accessibility, people and culture and they aim to cater to their clients with what they need in the first place.


In addition to this, there are a number of reasons behind the success of Fabletics. Unlike other brands, Fabletics doesn’t bother from where their clients are buying their products. They are one of the few brands that promote reverse showrooming and try to engage the clients through an organic approach. In addition to that, their appealing membership program is also making a huge difference for Fabletics. The Fabletics membership is free, and people can become a member by filling a short questionnaire. In that questionnaire, they also need to fill in their personal details and fashion preferences that Fabletics will use in future.


Based on the customer data, Fabletics designs it sportswear collections and offers them through their online and real stores. In their membership, they provide a regular monthly offer to their clients that includes their new collection which is carefully selected based on the same customer data. As a member, the customers can either purchase the monthly offer or pay a charge of $49.99 which are converted into lifelong store credit. As the offer includes some amazing offers and discounts, the clients can’t resist making a purchase. Even if when they do not make any purchase, they still continue to ensure cash flow for Fabletics through the monthly charge. Hence, it has become a win-win situation for both.  Each of their business strategies i.e. store location, fashion trend, promotion & campaigns is based on their customer data which helps this brand to become so famous.