Wondering How To Rock Retirement In Precious Metals? Read This!

With conventional retirement plans falling short on promises of absolute financial security, Americans anticipate tougher times ahead. Lately, precious metal investments have opened brighter prospects for retirees in pursuit of wealth and long-term financial independence. Philip N. Diehl of U.S. Money Reserve will launch an upcoming Emergency Gold Conference.

As the issues of economic depression, global terrorism, swelling national debt, misguided world leaders and growing cyber threats gain momentum; Diehl intends to engage the nation with this awareness campaign. At the Austin, Texas venue, the U.S. Reserve president will also provide commentary on his latest U.S. Gold Report.

With the volatile nature of today’s fickle financial markets, the retired U.S. Mint director will argue how investing in precious metals, particularly “Gold” paves the way to sustainable financial independence.

By arming investors with actionable information, Diehl believes this strategic move will strengthen their position in making sound financial decisions. As an expert precious metals authority, his opinion pieces have been featured by CNN, Forbes, the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), CNBC, Business Insider, the Financial Times and the Washington Post.

A well-established connoisseur of “precious metals, the U.S. Money Reserve operates the largest global coin and currency distribution network. At last year’s 37th staging of the Telly Awards competition, U.S. Money Reserve prevailed a winner, finishing third place in the category for media industry excellence.

This victory comes with its innovative “Philip Diehl IRA” program that’s re-establishing retirement privileges for American families. With almost two decades in operation, the reserve has earned a coveted reputation and a massive following. Learn more about US Money Reserve:  http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-launches-new-direct-response-television-show-featuring-moderator-larry-king-300335408.html

Infamously dubbed “America’s Gold Authority,” it’s commissioned an elite team, including its president, a former director of the U.S. Mint. With this advantage, U.S. Money Reserve extends capable hands, credible expertise and hands-on knowledge concerning all monetary systems, be it domestic or foreign.

It specializes in cultivating wealth assets by sourcing diverse platinum, gold, and silver products from around the world. In the wake of helping citizens discover the precious metals market to replenish and sustain wealth during retirement, U.S. Money launched “2016 Gold Summit.”

It’s a 28-minute commentary segment moderated by Larry King. Among panelists are U.S. Money Reserve’s own Philip Diehl, Brad Castillo, Michael Reagan and John Rothams.

This roundtable discussion challenged the realities of investing in precious metals, highlighting the market implications and prospects. With this series, U.S. Money Reserve touches base with controversial topics that are at top of mind for every investor.