RECAP Bob Reina’s Article “Surval of The Fittest in a Society of Quitters”

Bob Reina was just a regular guy who got fed up with his day to day life as a policemen. He felt limited by his paycheck regardless of the time and effort he put in. This lead him to quit his job to pursue something greater. Like most new entrepreneurs he found it difficult and it wasn’t until 2004 that Talk Fusion became a reality. Reina credits the profitability to his company as he put it, “we created the RIGHT product at the RIGHT time.” Something may new business hopes for.

In Reina’s article, “Survival of The Fittest in a Society of Quitters,” he begins to talk about how in this day and age, we seemed to have evolved into a species of quitters. That our youth’s failure to commit to a schedule and proneness to procrastination is distancing us from aspiration. Reina compared this to the higher number of divorces each year, that as the going gets tough, the quitters get to quitting. The blame for this is our new found desire for instant gratification. That if we don’t see the results we want right away, or have to sacrifice a little bit of our personal time, we choose to find a way out, rather than finding a way through.

Reina continues to talk about new entrepreneurs failure to accept failure as the reason they fail. They commit so much at the start putting in, 7-10 hour days to get their business to where they want it to be. When it’s turned down, they cut those hours in half, or to none at all. Failure to commit to your business, is a business that won’t succeed. Reina says, “you give less and so you get less,” he’s saying don’t expect the reward without the effort.

The article finishes with him talking about staying on track and not giving up. If you want to be the one who stands out from the rest, the elite, you can’t stop being the person you used to be. You can’t stop being the person everyone counts on, you can’t stop trying, and you can’t revert back to your normal life. This guilty pleasure of billions is also their downfall. Reina finishes the article by saying, “You weren’t bred to be a quitter or raised to be a failure; you’re stronger and better equipped to thrive than you think.” Learn more:

Waiakea Water Marketed To Health Conscious Consumers

Aiming To Change A Huge Industry

Waiakea Water is a new entrant to the bottled water market. What makes the water special is that it is marketed to a certain type of consumer: one whom is concerned about their health. While this isn’t something unusual in the bottled water industry, the truth is that the $100 Billion industry is known for creating waste and having a negative environmental impact. Visit BevNet to know more.

Large Demand For Product

The demand for it isn’t going away any time soon, so it’s a matter of being able to find the right solution to the environmental problem. With bottles that break down in 15 years instead of 1000, it appears that Waiakea has created a great solution to the water bottle problem.

Appeal To Health Conscious Consumers

But, the area where Waiakea Water outshines it’s competition is in it’s appeal to health-conscious consumers. The bottles are made from a plastic which is less harmful to the environment. The water is also filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, making it volcanic water. This means added nutritional benefits just from drinking a bottle of water. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Unique Plastic Innovation Incorporated Into Design of Water Bottle

The degradable bottle is also a very unique innovation in the bottled water industry. The company has partnered with a company called TimePlast which produces an additive designed to nano-degrade the plastic. The hope of using TimePlast is to inspire a widespread use of the technology in order to degrade plastic more quickly.

Top Bottled Water Brand in 2017

In the year 2017, Waiakea Water has been noted as the top bottled volcanic water brand in the world. The company has a very fast bottling process which is designed to create high-quality water very quickly. The company also distributes to customers throughout the world whom are looking for the high-quality water.

Bob Reina: He Won’t Be Silent

Bob Reina is an incredibly strong man when it comes to his convictions and what he believes in as a human being. He believes that every single person on the planet deserves to be happy and he wants to help in that process. He has done that by creating Talk Fusion back in 2007. It is an amazing product, which has the best in voice, data, and chat. Frankly, there is no one out there that can compete with them. They are truly in a league of their own. The awards back it up such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This was their second award in 2016. It leaves people wondering what is around the corner for the company in 2017.


Talk Fusion transforms lives and it allows people to live out their dreams and their desires as a CEO of their own company. Bob Reina used to be a police officer, so he knows what people need, what they are looking for, and what is going to make them happy. He is in touch with that and he stays in the loop. It is why Talk Fusion was created. He saw people unhappy about their jobs and their lives. So many hours are spent at work for people and because of this, they need something a little more out of their lives. They need something to make them happy. Bob Reina has decided, “Why can’t people be happy with their jobs and their lives?”


When someone is running their own business from home and they use all of the wonderful features Talk Fusion has like video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they are able to see life the way it was meant to be lived. They don’t have to be anyone’s puppet and they don’t have to play second fiddle anymore to anyone.


They are in charge and now that they are in charge, they are going to really show the world what they are made of and what they can offer. It will blow people’s minds. Learn more:

Sentient AI – A/B Testing

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence has no stop, and it gets accelerated year after year by sweeping all the industries. It has made widespread changes in many traditional business sectors and driven efficient results. Many manual works became automated, and there is no end of innovation by the technology in various sectors. Interestingly, most industries have shown their interest to take the fruitful results of AI and Machine learning in the recent years – a change in the approach towards the technology. Though relatively new, e-commerce and digital marketing are two major sectors that receive a rigorous implementation of AI across various business functions of the industrial players.

A/B Testing is a major area that gets drastic changes both in the case of e-commerce platforms and digital marketing campaigns with the implementation of AI. A/B testing was widely used to scale the campaign performances and responsive website options to increase efficiency and customer engagement. Interestingly, all A/B tests were conducted manually until recently, and it was less efficient and highly time-consuming. With the introduction of AI, the testing process is going to be more productive and become more scalable than the initial days. It is expected to significantly cut down the expenses related to e-commerce platform developments and campaigns while ensuring more assured results.

While coming to web designing, especially in e-commerce sites, A/B testing is conducted to check the variations of web page design. With AI in store, the site masters have expanded the services and started offering tests on both mobile apps and websites to make them more personalized. This provides three significant advantages for the e-commerce sites. It helps the site masters to connect A/B test tools with various customer segments in analytics platforms. By creating behavioral-based segments, the businesses can avoid the need of big IT-enabled data integration projects to support the platforms. It also helps the tools to utilize machine learning algorithms to arrive the optimal variation for any segment while a campaign is running.

The digital marketing campaigns are also getting similar changes in A/B testing with the help of AI technology. While many believed that digital marketing cannot be automated using AI, the recent developments tell a different story. AI helps the marketers to come up with more optimized SEO and PPC campaigns that can drive better results and ranking. Interestingly, the AI based A/B tests help the marketers to produce more predictable results. Also, personalized email marketing campaigns were highly inefficient previously, but the introduction of AI helped the marketers to execute extensive campaigns in few minutes.


Don Ressler: Reinventing the Fashion Through Data-driven Designs

For fashion consumers, walking through any online and physical store and finding fashion items that appeal to your taste is usually challenging. To overcome these challenges, Don Ressler partnered with Adam Goldenberg to create a fashion brand that merges the innovative technologies of Silicon Valley and high-end fashion ideas of the runways. The duo created membership-based fashion brands under the umbrella of TechStyle Fashion Group, which they cofounded in 2010 as JustFab Inc.


The Journey Towards Reimagining Fashion


Before partnering with Adam Goldenberg to establish one of the fastest growing fashion empires, Don Ressler had already established a reputation of identifying and exploiting unique opportunities presented by the growing popularity of online space. As one of the pioneers of e-commerce, he founded and successfully managed several startups in the online space. He founded Inc. and served as its chief executive officer and president before selling it in 1997 to Intermix Media. He was incorporated into Intermix Media’s management after the sale. During his time at Intermix Media, Mr. Ressler spearheaded the founding of Hydroderm, which is a skincare brand. Other startups that he cofounded while at Intermix Media include Brand Ideas and Alena Media.


Don Ressler earned a stellar reputation as a brand-guru by helping several companies operating within the e-commerce sector generate over $1.1 billion in capital and sales. His exploits at Intermix Media were integral in the sale of the company to New Corp. as its value had significantly. His stellar management practices also earned him a business partner in Adam Goldenberg who had also sold his e-commerce company to Intermix Media.


TechStyle Fashion Group: Towards a Data-oriented Fashion Industry


Having gained vast experience and industry knowledge, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg entered into the highly competitive fashion industry with the goal of innovatively reimagining fashion. The duo set out key strategies that would later propel them to operational and financial success. Starting off with JustFab, the duo vigorously implemented their membership subscription based fashion concept. Using the data collected from the browsing history of their members and fashion preferences forms filled upon registration, the duo stocked their online stores with personalized fashion items.


They also partnered with celebrities such as Kate Hudson to set up active wear fashion, Fabletics. They also acquired strategically placed brands such as ShoeDazzle, The Fab Shoes and FabKids. They also moved TechStyle’s headquarters to El Segundo, California to move it closer to an international airport for ease of shipping. The area also has luxurious beaches and space for office expansion.



Don Ressler is an entrepreneur credited for leading to the success of most start ups. He ran his venture known as Fitness Heaven until 2001 when he sold it to Intermix Media. His spirit of entrepreneurship has seen him become the Chief executive officer at Fabletics and Justfab. He worked at Intermix Media and was part of the team that founded and administered Intelligent Beauty. His contribution in the division of e-commerce advertising at Intermix was great. Indeed the department became the company’s epicenter and the primary source of revenue. Upon acquisition of Intermix by New Corps, Don Ressler got frustrated when the new owner ignored the e-commerce business he had created. He left the company and gathered a group from Alena Media, and co founded Brand Ideas which became Intelligent Beauty within two weeks. In 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched another company –JustFab.The Company received 33 million dollars funding from Matrix Partners, 76 million dollars from Rho Ventures and Technology Crossover Venture.


On 1st October 2013, JustFab launched another company called Fabletics-an athletic wear site. Both JustFab and Fabletics are all inclusive because they ventured into children’s fashion subscription service and acquired a fashion e-commerce site known as the fab shoes. Through Fabletics, they also ventured into athletic wear. Don Ressler responds that the idea to make the companies all inclusive was informed by his love and passion for athletics and fitness. He therefore, felt the need to provide clothes to be worn during sporting activities. Over time Justfab incorporated technology and style in its operations, and the business changed its name to Techstyle. Techstyle has carved a name among the ventures that provide platforms that build brands driven by data and personalization. Don Ressler is credited for offering visionary leadership to ensure the growth of Techstyle. His vast experience in internet marketing has not only significantly improved the company’s customer base but has also led to the popularity of Techstyle’s brands. The headquarters of the companies is at Segundo, and this pleases Don Ressler. Firstly, the idea to form Techstyle was first developed in a living room of a duplex in Segundo. He also believes that Segundo is fun. Thus he feels that the headquarters should be in a city that is fun akin the styles they provide.Furthermore, it is an epicenter of fashion thus he is sure that this will enable them to be at par with new trends in fashion.

Don Ressler: Internet Marketing And Brand Building Guru

The internet is one of the most effective marketing platforms ever devised. Don Ressler is of the people that have mastered the use of this platform and has been able to use it to promote goods, services and companies and raise funding for online businesses. So far he has been able to generated more than $1 billion in sales. Ressler has also helped to raise over $100 million in investment capital for internet based companies. That track record has led a growing number of people to proclaim Don Ressler to be a brand building and business funding and management guru.


Don Ressler has a natural talent when it comes to building businesses. His first company,, was a runaway success and was bought by Intermix Media. The company also hired Ressler to become part of their marketing team. At Internet Media Ressler met business wunderkind Adam Goldenberg. Together they turned Alena Media, Intermix Media’s marketing arm into the company’s most dependable and largest income stream. It was a major reason News Corp bought Intermix Media for more than $650 million.


After the sale of Intermix Media, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to go into business together. They started the business building incubator Intelligent Beauty. Through that company Ressler and Goldenberg co-founded the successful businesses DERMSTORE an online cosmetics and skincare marketplace as well as SENSA, a weight-loss system. Another of the companies the Ressler co-founded through Intelligent Beauty was JustFab, a subscription fashion website that now has millions of members.


The success of JustFab showed Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg had their finger on the pulse of the fashion industry. In 2013 Ressler and Goldenberg collaborated with Kate Hudson to create Fabletics, an online subscription activewear brand. Fabletics is known by consumers because of their stylish, comfortable, versatile athleisure clothing that can be worn for work or play. Fabletics has now become an international sensation with millions of members throughout Europe and the United States.


Don Ressler is a visionary businessman with a deep understanding of online performance marketing. For over 20 years he’s been working to make numerous companies successful using his online marketing skills. Fabletics has also become an all-inclusive brand by offering their great fitting, stylish clothing available to more women by producing them in plus sizes. Don Ressler continues to show his unmatched marketing, customer relations skills and his ability to spot trends.

How Fabletics Innovators Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are Pioneering the Digital Front

While we have all heard about Fabletics, and if you haven’t, take a minute and hop onto their site to see what it is all about…because it’s truly amazing, we often hear about the brand’s glamorous frontrunner, actress Kate Hudson. Hudson’s contribution as not only a spokesperson but a leader in many aspects of the company have certainly been a huge contributor into Fabletics success. Not only is she the face and voice of Fabletics, she manages social media strategy, reviews product lines and new items, and even checks in on sales numbers on a weekly (or more frequent) basis to ensure she is up to date on any and everything going on. On article said she knows exactly which pieces are performing best at all times.


However, the most recent article regarding Fabletics is a testament to its founding dynamic duo, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The two have joined each other on many ventures and Goldberg himself launched a successful company and even dropped out of high school to become COO.


The article discussed how Ressler and Goldenberg strategies behind Fabletics, as well as their other companies, to make them such a powerhouse success. First, instead of starting with idea and jumping into market research, the two focused on true pain points on the market place. In the fashion and athletic wear space especially, they saw that the average consumer is having less time to shop and moving online, but was hesitant to trust the functionality of an online fitness purchase. Users spent hours seeking for the best price and size. Fabletics has revolutionized all of that by starting each visit by using a Lifestyle Quiz to use an algorithm to create a unique user profile, meaning for the rest of the experience, each users orders are tailored just to their individual needs.


The two have worked together on many projects and co-own TechStyle, a brand that focuses on fashion innovation that thrives in the digital and mobile worlds. In fact, TechStyle was recently rebranded from a former name to purposefully show their focus on technology and innovation. Ressler and Goldenberg have always made technology and e-commerce a central cornerstone of their companies. In fact, in a recent article they talked about how many brands that have been around for decades are struggling to stay up with digital-first platforms. Most of their companies are new enough to go digital first straight out of the gate, giving them an advantage.

The Best you can Get from Finely Brewed Wine

UKV PLC works as an independent wine company that isn’t tied up to a single supply chain. They work closely with traders, merchants, and a network of brokers to draw and source a stock of highly or unusual sought after Champagne and wine. UKV deals with the supply and acquisition of bonded fine wine through their trading floor on behalf of the trade customers and private individuals.

They do not have a huge following on social media, but they regularly update useful consumer-oriented information, and this is helpful especially for both potential and the already existing clients. There is a lot you can gain from working with them. First, they have a personal approach to your needs given that they work in guiding you through the different options available. Also, if you prefer a face to face conversation, they will agree to meet you at a destination that is convenient for you.

Why Choose the Best-sourced Wine

If you are a wine connoisseur, then you know the need for investing in wine that is sourced from valued experts such as UKV PLC. The experts ensure that you purchase wine that meets the current market condition, and this will enable you to come up with a great wine collection. The value of wine increases with age, and if you are looking to make a fortune in the near future, it’s wise if you’d start sampling some of the fine collection from UKV PLC. Click here to know more.

When you purchase wine at UKV PLC, all the collection is held under your personal bonded account. This means that although you experience the advantages of storing wine in a controlled and desirable climate, you still own the wine collection. Additionally, the collection is insured, and you do not have to worry about its protection. You will also experience excellent quality in the selection of investment grade wines. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced or novice collector, UKV PLC helps you discover superior brands from some of the renowned vineyards in the European countries.