Eric Pulier on the Fine Art of Building Successful Disruptive Brands and Giving Back

Eric Pulier is a tech maverick who has started more companies than most of the hedge fund angels in Silicon Valley and beyond. Eric is an exceptional American investor who has in the past worked with Presidents and with billion dollar publicly traded tech startups in his brief career. According to Ideamensch, Eric is a published author, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and a tech columnist as well.


Harvard and MIT Grad


The Harvard University alumnus has so far been associated with the creation and or with the contribution to the success of ventures like Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council now known as the TM Forum, ServiceMesh Inc. Us interactive Inc., Digital Interactive and Media Platform. Eric’s said to have the proverbial Midas Touch, according to all those who have witnessed of his prowess and magic.


Eric is an L.A Guy


The one peculiar aspect which separates this multi-millionaire from the rest of the pack is that he doesn’t flaunt his wealth like an ignorant person. no, on the stark contrast, he’s always looking for notable causes to support, in any way possible, in his immediate environ in L.A. at the same time, Eric has funded causes and startups which ended up making a profound positive impact on the lives of people, especially women in third world countries. Read More.


Uber and Google’s Free Map API Codes


Recently he took to an interview with the online publication, here’s what the founder of the disruptive company, vAtomic had to say: He began by confessing that the idea behind the brand arose from realizing that there was a lucrative opportunity in providing superior quality products and services without having to subject the end-user to a stiff price tag. The CEO gave the perfect example of Uber which doesn’t have to own most of what is essential to keep it running. For instance, for maps, Uber just has to piggyback on Google Maps from Google’s free API’s.


Persistence ad Success


In the interview, Eric says how much he is fascinated by genomics. According to Eric, the next big leap in medicine will only be possible when technology and medicine find a way to strike a perfect comprise. His advice to the investors who are someday hoping to join the one percent is that persistence pays. Do not give up under any circumstances; take the challenges as learning process all necessary for the growing up process. Success is often just around the corner, just ask Eric Pulier who graduated with the highest honors possible from the Harvard University in 1988. He graduated with a degree in English and American Classical and Oral Literature.