Securus Technologies Can Save Society

In a world today where things can go wrong with a community or city, and it’s vital to be careful with how you work and manage the community. Today, there are so many ways to keep yourself safe and maintain that protection. The most important thing to remember is that there are ways to even take care and maintain the world of those who are behind bars. With the help of Securus Technologies, you will find that they can help solve so many issues that countless companies and people are going through regarding correctional facilities.


The best thing that they are capable of providing is the opportunity is giving inmates the chance to keep in touch with their loved ones using the approved devices. It’s amazing how well these opportunities are bringing people together in a unique and powerful way. Securus Technologies is saving lives and solving all kinds of cases with their new online program and throughout their technology. The most important thing they want to do is give the correctional facilities and the people in them to get the help and connection they need and want daily.


Securus users with the facility have found that countless people have been helping using these devices by solving their cases. One story found somebody actually telling their younger sibling to know how to answer the judge when being questioned about a certain shooting. It’s scary how someone can be talking about important things like this and not be caught doing that. What’s interesting thing about this product is the fact that the correctional facility was able to use this personal information for solving the case in the small way that they did.


This is such a great company that wants to solve and prevent crimes. The best thing is that they work hard daily.


The Best you can Get from Finely Brewed Wine

UKV PLC works as an independent wine company that isn’t tied up to a single supply chain. They work closely with traders, merchants, and a network of brokers to draw and source a stock of highly or unusual sought after Champagne and wine. UKV deals with the supply and acquisition of bonded fine wine through their trading floor on behalf of the trade customers and private individuals.

They do not have a huge following on social media, but they regularly update useful consumer-oriented information, and this is helpful especially for both potential and the already existing clients. There is a lot you can gain from working with them. First, they have a personal approach to your needs given that they work in guiding you through the different options available. Also, if you prefer a face to face conversation, they will agree to meet you at a destination that is convenient for you.

Why Choose the Best-sourced Wine

If you are a wine connoisseur, then you know the need for investing in wine that is sourced from valued experts such as UKV PLC. The experts ensure that you purchase wine that meets the current market condition, and this will enable you to come up with a great wine collection. The value of wine increases with age, and if you are looking to make a fortune in the near future, it’s wise if you’d start sampling some of the fine collection from UKV PLC. Click here to know more.

When you purchase wine at UKV PLC, all the collection is held under your personal bonded account. This means that although you experience the advantages of storing wine in a controlled and desirable climate, you still own the wine collection. Additionally, the collection is insured, and you do not have to worry about its protection. You will also experience excellent quality in the selection of investment grade wines. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced or novice collector, UKV PLC helps you discover superior brands from some of the renowned vineyards in the European countries.


The Larkin and Lacey Fund Helps People with their Human Rights

Human rights are natural benefits that all people enjoy. They are given to people despite their race, gender, social status, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

These rights give people the ability to exist in peace, not to be enslaved by their fellow man and to able to direct the course of their life to the best of their ability.

Many people allow other human beings to exist in peace and in harmony. However, there are some groups and individuals who do not allow other people to exercise their rights at all. Michael Lacey and his co-worker Jim Larkin understand this truth all too well.

In 2007, these men were arrested and jailed by a Phoenix sheriff who did not like what they had done. These two men did not break the law or commit any major infraction. Instead, they released a story about a sheriff named Joe Arpaio. This story basically revealed that a grand jury was out to get reporters who were gathering evidence on Arpaio and his shady dealings as a lawman.

Arpaio did not want this to happen. So, he arranged to have Larkin and Lacey arrested and thrown in jail. Sheriff Arpaio even wanted all of the names who subscribed to Phoenix News Times. The Phoenix News Times is the publication where the story has been printed and it is owned by Larkin and Lacey. This is why Arpaio had targeted the two men thrown in jail.

Once a court of law tried this case they realized that the Arpaio and the Grand Jury had violated Larkin and Lacey’s rights. Their human rights as citizens were violated. Their First Amendment rights were dismissed just so a corrupt sheriff could avoid prosecution. Larkin and Lacey’s case was tried and in court and they were awarded close to 4 million dollars from this incident.

After this fund was created it has become a necessary tool for helping to protect the rights of people in Arizona. There are many at risk communities in the southwestern region of the U.S. Many of them need agencies in place to ensure that they are being treated fairly. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund was created by the Phoenix Times News founders for this purpose. This fund helps people human and civil rights when they have been violated.

The Frontera Fund primarily supports organizations in Phoenix and it also assists migrants that settle into the Arizona state area.

Logan Stout And IDLife Empowerment

People who do exceptionally well in their profession tend to be in high demand. A person’s leadership abilities, work ethics and their track record at being a team-builder are key ingredients to successful ventures. Building successful projects require discipline and the ability to motivate and understand the needs of people in today’s society.

The accomplished dad, husband, most sought-after business owner, philanthropist, entrepreneur, best-selling author, keynote speaker, leadership trainer, and founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization, Logan Stout has generated billions of dollars in revenue by building successful healthy projects and motivating people to do the same. Mr. Stout’s greatest aim is to empower and inspire readers to pursue and reach their God-given potential. He believes that nutrition plays a key role in building successful leaders.

Mr. Stout believes that good nutrition results in good health. A former athlete himself, he went all out to develop a nutritious drink that feeds the mind. He believes that healthy minds are better equipped at successfully reaching their God-given potential. Logan Stout’s recent business venture targeted health and wellness.

In May of 2014, Mr. Stout launched the IDLife project. The company featured products are vitamin packs tailored for people based on their age, sex, sun exposure, medical condition, prescription medications plus eating and exercise habits. “The ID” in IDLife stands for individually designed”. This project is designed to provide the exact nutrition a person needs when they need it.

The IDLife vitamins use pharmaceutical-grade nutrients and feature an exclusive “AM and PM pack”. This approach ensures the right amount of nutrients gets to the body when it needs them the most. Furthermore, there’s a unique maximum safety calculation screening for negative drug and nutrient exchanges to ensure the best possible health results.

To strengthen the project, Stout joined forces with nationally recognized authors and fitness ambassadors. They began and continue the exciting journey of building strong, knowledgeable, and highly skilled leaders who meet, collaborate and share ideas with other potential leaders and team players. Mr. Stout also joined forces with motivational speaker John C. Maxwell, to bring leadership and personal development training to all 196 nations in the world.

Learn more about Logan Stout:

How Norman Pattiz Is Transforming The Podcasting Business

Each form of media was disrupted by technology and the internet: tv ratings have been slashed by the rise of online sites posting television shows to their sites which gave viewers to watch this content on their own time. TV executives also found a new and unexpected competitor in the streaming site Netflix which revolutionized the way that audiences discovered and consumed television and movies.

Rather than having to wait for their favorite shows or reruns to air, Netflix allowed audiences to watch their preferred TV show anytime they wanted and unlike illegal streaming sites these viewers could watch their shows on their television.

Newspapers and magazines found themselves having to compete with bloggers who offered more specialized content and greater interaction with audiences.

Some blogs like the fashion publication Man Repeller and sports site SB Nation were even able to grow into publications in their own right and compete with traditional fashion magazines and sports journalists who typically dominated that space.

The notion of technology disrupting television (i.e. cord cutting) and journalism (i.e. social media and blogging) is often discussed but the way that technology has disrupted the traditional media format of radio is rarely discussed. Learn more about Norman: and

Arguably podcasts have done or could do to radio what the internet did to TV and print media. Born of the increasingly rare iPod, podcasts allow anyone with a microphone, audio editing software and a strong opinion to create the equivalent of a talk radio show and distribute that talk radio show to anyone with a computer or mobile phone.

Audio platforms like Acast, Soundcloud, Stitcher radio and the iTunes store allow listeners who are interested in consuming audio-based media the opportunity to easily access and listen to audio that suits their interests.

What makes podcasts different is that as a relatively young form of media the business and advertising models that support them are still being developed. Podcasters and podcast networks may find themselves needing to prove to advertisers who are unfamiliar with the format that purchasing podcast ads is a worthwhile investment.

Companies like PodcastOne, which was founded by Norman Pattiz are helping to change that. In February Pattiz shared the findings of a study pothat was conducted to explore the value of podcast advertisements. The study found that factors like unaided product awareness went up nearly 50% for financial services products and awareness of campaign messages for automobile aftermarkets went up by 60% percent.

Norman Pattiz, a radio veteran who was appointed by two US presidents to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors and is a National Radio Hall of Fame inductee, is helping to lead the charge to evolve the young industry of podcast advertising into a robust profitable business at his company PodcastOne

Jose Henrique Borghi: Advertising Creativity Born out of Expertise

Jose Henrique Borghi’s profile as a specialist in advertisement includes high profile clients including Fiat, Unilever, Procter and Mitsubishi. The advertisements he has created for these large corporations have enjoyed international critical acclaim and have won several awards. As the creative mind behind some of the breathtaking advertisements in the world, Mr. Borghi has been honored with dozens of awards from numerous organizations. He has been awarded seven London statutes, fifteen April awards and a further eleven New York Film Festival awards. He has also won 14 Cannes Festival Lions awards to add to his glittering list of awards won, which also includes multiple Clio awards. His trademark creative advertisements such as the stuffed animals campaign he did for Parmalat have punchy messages and images, which leave a lasting impression on the viewers. His creativity has seen him rise through the industry ranks as a little known editor into a global force with international recognition and client base. Click here to know more.

Education and Entrepreneurial Endeavors

 Jose Henrique Borghi has a solid academic background in advertising having studied Advertising and Propaganda at the prestigious Pontifical Catholic University (PUC). This earned his first job in the industry as an editor at an advertising agency, Standart Ogilvy. From his first job in 1989, Mr. Borghi never looked and set out to make a name for himself not only as an employee but also as an entrepreneur. After leaving Standart Ogilvy, Jose Henrique Borghi worked for several companies including Leo Burnett, Talent and FCB among others. Having gained excellent industry knowledge, he ventured into entrepreneurship by co-founding an advertising agency, BorghiErh Creative Intelligence. He was a co-chief executive officer of the company, which he guided to financial success. The company later merged with Lowe and the resulting agency further merged with Mullen to form Mullen Lowe Brazil. He is currently serving as the chief creativity director and co-chief executive officer of the company.

Talk Fusion Wins 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

Talk Fusion has been awarded the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for its innovative method of integrating digital marketing to individuals and businesses alike.


Talk Fusion was originally founded in 2007 and aimed to help marketers and those developing strategies for businesses and clients alike to tackle new challenges of keeping up with communication techniques while staying ahead of the competition. Utilizing Talk Fusion is highly recommended for those who are interested in reaching a wider audience or for anyone who works with clients who are not local and may even be internationally-based.


With new methods of communication appearing each day on the app markets for both Google and Apple users, Talk Fusion provides a method for all users to stay in touch and manage their time through the use of video marketing. Currently, Talk Fusion is available on both Google Play as well as the Apple store to download for all devices, whether you are communicating on your phone or if you are using a computer to reach clients from all around the world.


Implementing video chat and marketing into your company’s strategy is a way for you to reach out to new potential vendors, suppliers, and even directly with clients regardless of their location and the industry you are working in and represent. Keep track of who is who, schedule video conferences, and always stay connected when it is necessary for you to maintain contact and communication with those around you.


Talk Fusion is not just for larger businesses but works just as well for those ranging from freelancers to individuals who are launching a start-up company on their own. With the use of Talk Fusion, always remain active and available for your clients or those you work with in your line of business through video marketing, proving you are familiar with today’s technologies while also ensuring you never lose contact with important clients or those you conduct business with on a daily basis. Talk Fusion is a solution that fits most anyone’s business plan and assists with expanding client lists while also showcasing your professionalism and ability to stay ahead of the tech market.


Avi Weisfogel Helps All Those With Cleft Palettes

Avi Weisfogel is one of the finest medical professionals in the world, and he offers a number of services to those who have medical issues. This article explains how he helps people who have dental issues, and it looks at how he is helping raise money for Operation Smile. Anyone who wishes to contribute to charity as this man has may learn about his generous efforts by reading further.


#1: Operation Smile


Avi has done quite a lot of work for Operation Smile, and he travels to places around the world where people have trouble with cleft palettes. He has performed many procedures for those who wish to have better smiles, and he is helping these people on long trips that include mobile units he has raised money for.


#2: GoFundMe


Avi has started a GoFundMe page that will raise money for Operation Smile, and he will send all the money he raises to Operation Smile. The money is used to send medical professionals around the world to help people, and they will meet people in unreached areas that need these surgeries.


#3: Serving Patients


Serving patients is quite important for Avi, and he knows that there are a number people who will need his services. He will help with medical conditions that are difficult for patients to manage, and someone who comes to Avi’s office will receive the finest services possible. These patients will be given care that was customized by Avi for this person’s body.


#4: Inviting Others

Avi Weisfogel invites many of his medical colleagues to come on these trips with him, and he will ask them along to help more people when they arrive in communities where a cleft pallets is a major problem.


Giving better smiles to people around the world is a service that Avi loves to give, and he will show the people of the world that they may change their smiles. Someone who is trying to change the world may follow in the footsteps of Avi Weisfogel, and they may give their money and time to Operation Smile as he chooses to do.


Texas Powerhouse and Its History of Excellence

Nexbank was founded in 1922 and has been going strong ever since. It calls Dallas, Texas home to its headquarters and offers a variety of banking and lending options. Nexbank offers commercial lending, as well as mortgage banking, and it also sees to the banking and financial needs of large corporations, real estate companies, and business loans to name a few. As of late 2016, Nexbank had over 4.5 billion in assets and this number continues to grow by the year.

In 2015, Nexbank partnered with Habitat for Humanity and supported the group by pledging to give $50 million in loans to help Habitat for Humanity expand over a period of the next 5 years. Nexbank also stated it will pay all the title fees for closing costs through an affiliate on top of $2000 in closing costs per loan. Both the Habitat for Humanity and Nexbank have an impressive track record helping lower income families fulfill the dream of home ownership.

Nexbank also made donations to the families of the police officers who were killed in the sniper attack in July 2016. They made the donation through the Assist the Office Foundation, which is operated by the Dallas Police Association. This foundation provides immediate assistance to families of fallen officers.

Nexbank has a track record for excellence and going the extra mile for its customers. This attitude is what has made it such a powerhouse in Texas, and this will continue to get them new clients in the years to come.


Air conditioning maintenance tips from Goettl

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the most prominent companies dealing in the issuance of heating and cooling solutions to homes and large businesses. For the company, they always delight in the fact that they are part of the solution to the business needs anticipated in this industry. If you are willing to achieve more through income, be sure to develop the most sophisticated business categories in this world. Goettl Air Conditioning is also considered as the best heating and cooling company that deals in the issuance of sophisticated business solutions to their clients in a manner that develops fast working solutions. For the company, they have always worked hard to issue their stability management positions to achieve the best in this industry.


When it is always hot, Goettl Air Conditioning advises that you purchase the Goettl Air Conditioning cooling apparatus that has the best solution in the industry. Ken Goodrich is the owner of the company. When he was managing this business, he decided to develop it in a way that has no parallel solution to those who are willing to achieve this in the industry. During the peak seasons, be sure to turn on the cooling or heating apparatus developed by Goettl Air Conditioning as the best way of maintaining the coolest temperatures in the environment.


Whenever the peak season comes in, be sure to check your filters. This is because these filters will allow you to get the coolest or hottest air needed to minimize heat loss. For this reason, you will gain a higher business advantage during these seasonal capabilities. For those who need fast income, you never have to worry about money and business generations. Be sure to also close the draperies and keep them blind. In this case, you will develop the most sophisticated business solution.