Brian Torchin – The Value of Utilizing a Recruiter for Medical Staffing Necessities

Brian Torchin keeps on making waves in the industry of healthcare through his organization. The capacity of HCRC Staffing is to give enrollment solutions in the medical field.

Brian was a chiropractor, and that is the manner by which he saw the need that the sector has concerning procuring the right experts.

He began the enrollment office to give services that ensure quality recruitment of specialists within the medical field. The organization offers counseling services too.

Preparing Candidates

One of the services that HCRC Staffing gives is preparing for the candidates that are beginning in the medical field. Finding an occupation directly after school is testing. Indeed, even with expanding interest for experts in the industry, it ‘s hard to pinpoint the correct work environment.

Brian Torchin, on his blog, clarifies that a staffing firm is the best solution when searching for an occupation. An office like HCRC guarantees that competitors don’t simply have qualifications, they have the it-factor that potential bosses are searching for.

More than having the correct aptitudes, work searchers need to know how to introduce themselves to bosses. With their advising services, HCRC Staffing places work into shaping the best person for specific employments.

Torchin’s Success

Brian Torchin blog on, he uses the same to advise candidates and clients on different issues of staffing within the medical industry. He offers to understand on how various medical experts can enhance the industry and attar better applicants.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin’s enthusiasm for the field is the thing that makes him so great at what he does. For instance, he trusts in building up correspondence systems with customers.

It is basic to comprehend what a customer needs. His working attitude is one reason HCRC Staffing’s clients favor him. To cite Dr. Mayer Green of Consultants of America, “We can genuinely say that Torchin’s uprightness, demonstrable skill, and trustworthiness are unmatched. By far, he is the main enrollment specialist in the U.S.”

A Broad Clientele

Through his experience, Torchin is capable of gauging on what customers require and promptly give it. At present, HVRC Staffing has extended to Europe and Asia and has continued extending in its American market.

The staffing organization has worked with every player within the medical sector which include hospitals, private practices, and urgent care centers.

End Citizens United: Saying True To Their Name Of Ending Citizens United

In 2010, the Supreme Court of America passed a law called ‘Citizens United’ which caused quite a stir among the population of the country. The law allowed large industries and businesses to donate to political parties without having their money be accounted for. These companies would now have the same status as people in the industry, making the owners of these companies have more pull over political parties. Not having the money accounted for naturally made way for a lot of corruption in the political systems. Large company owners started donated large sums of money to political parties in exchange for favors. Some owners even went on to pay political parties so that they could have a seat in political parties and be appointed to government positions. There is no secret that certain people in the government today have got their position in this way, in spite of having no experience or knowledge regarding the post that they are in. The political parties were also being used as a money laundering system, and for tax evasion since the money that was donated is exempt from tax.


America is a democracy and should function like one. There should be transparency in the government so that the common people know what is going on in the system that is designed to lead them and protect them. The general population in the country often feel like the government does not care for them or pay attention to their needs because they are not rich and famous. This has led to a lot of discontent among the people of America, which is not how the government should be going about. This resulted in the formation of an organization called ‘End Citizens United.’ The organization was founded by a few entrepreneurs who all share common ideologies and interests. They are working to give the power of the government back to the people so that they can once again feel like they are a part of it. The organization wants to do this by staying true to their name and ending the Citizens United ruling. The people who are a part of this organization feel like this is one of the first steps to once again establishing a proper governmental rule and is one of the core ways in which the people of the country can be content with the political parties in power and also have their voices heard.

The organization has gained a massive amount of support from people all over the country. The organization raised around $4 million within the first few months of the organization coming into existence and believes that it can raise over $35 million by the end of 2018. All the money that the organization raises goes to their cause and their fight to remove certain unqualified members of the government.

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Don Ressler: Reinventing the Fashion Through Data-driven Designs

For fashion consumers, walking through any online and physical store and finding fashion items that appeal to your taste is usually challenging. To overcome these challenges, Don Ressler partnered with Adam Goldenberg to create a fashion brand that merges the innovative technologies of Silicon Valley and high-end fashion ideas of the runways. The duo created membership-based fashion brands under the umbrella of TechStyle Fashion Group, which they cofounded in 2010 as JustFab Inc.


The Journey Towards Reimagining Fashion


Before partnering with Adam Goldenberg to establish one of the fastest growing fashion empires, Don Ressler had already established a reputation of identifying and exploiting unique opportunities presented by the growing popularity of online space. As one of the pioneers of e-commerce, he founded and successfully managed several startups in the online space. He founded Inc. and served as its chief executive officer and president before selling it in 1997 to Intermix Media. He was incorporated into Intermix Media’s management after the sale. During his time at Intermix Media, Mr. Ressler spearheaded the founding of Hydroderm, which is a skincare brand. Other startups that he cofounded while at Intermix Media include Brand Ideas and Alena Media.


Don Ressler earned a stellar reputation as a brand-guru by helping several companies operating within the e-commerce sector generate over $1.1 billion in capital and sales. His exploits at Intermix Media were integral in the sale of the company to New Corp. as its value had significantly. His stellar management practices also earned him a business partner in Adam Goldenberg who had also sold his e-commerce company to Intermix Media.


TechStyle Fashion Group: Towards a Data-oriented Fashion Industry


Having gained vast experience and industry knowledge, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg entered into the highly competitive fashion industry with the goal of innovatively reimagining fashion. The duo set out key strategies that would later propel them to operational and financial success. Starting off with JustFab, the duo vigorously implemented their membership subscription based fashion concept. Using the data collected from the browsing history of their members and fashion preferences forms filled upon registration, the duo stocked their online stores with personalized fashion items.


They also partnered with celebrities such as Kate Hudson to set up active wear fashion, Fabletics. They also acquired strategically placed brands such as ShoeDazzle, The Fab Shoes and FabKids. They also moved TechStyle’s headquarters to El Segundo, California to move it closer to an international airport for ease of shipping. The area also has luxurious beaches and space for office expansion.



Don Ressler is an entrepreneur credited for leading to the success of most start ups. He ran his venture known as Fitness Heaven until 2001 when he sold it to Intermix Media. His spirit of entrepreneurship has seen him become the Chief executive officer at Fabletics and Justfab. He worked at Intermix Media and was part of the team that founded and administered Intelligent Beauty. His contribution in the division of e-commerce advertising at Intermix was great. Indeed the department became the company’s epicenter and the primary source of revenue. Upon acquisition of Intermix by New Corps, Don Ressler got frustrated when the new owner ignored the e-commerce business he had created. He left the company and gathered a group from Alena Media, and co founded Brand Ideas which became Intelligent Beauty within two weeks. In 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched another company –JustFab.The Company received 33 million dollars funding from Matrix Partners, 76 million dollars from Rho Ventures and Technology Crossover Venture.


On 1st October 2013, JustFab launched another company called Fabletics-an athletic wear site. Both JustFab and Fabletics are all inclusive because they ventured into children’s fashion subscription service and acquired a fashion e-commerce site known as the fab shoes. Through Fabletics, they also ventured into athletic wear. Don Ressler responds that the idea to make the companies all inclusive was informed by his love and passion for athletics and fitness. He therefore, felt the need to provide clothes to be worn during sporting activities. Over time Justfab incorporated technology and style in its operations, and the business changed its name to Techstyle. Techstyle has carved a name among the ventures that provide platforms that build brands driven by data and personalization. Don Ressler is credited for offering visionary leadership to ensure the growth of Techstyle. His vast experience in internet marketing has not only significantly improved the company’s customer base but has also led to the popularity of Techstyle’s brands. The headquarters of the companies is at Segundo, and this pleases Don Ressler. Firstly, the idea to form Techstyle was first developed in a living room of a duplex in Segundo. He also believes that Segundo is fun. Thus he feels that the headquarters should be in a city that is fun akin the styles they provide.Furthermore, it is an epicenter of fashion thus he is sure that this will enable them to be at par with new trends in fashion.

An Enigmatic Executive: Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Bradesco Group’s current CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has had an impressive career as head of Brazil’s second largest financial and banking services conglomerate. Known for his unique talents, exceptional command, and experience, he is indeed an influential executive.

He was born in the same hometown as Bradesco’s founder Amador Aguiar, in 1951. Beginning his career as a clerk, he has ascended through various posts to its presidency. Today, he is the fourth president of the now 74-year-old company.

Luiz apprenticed under the wings of its founder as a clerk in one of its Marilia branches. Being the head of Brazil’s second largest financial services empire is no mean feat. For this reason, Trabuco deserves recognition for his efforts, accomplishments, and contribution to the company and the country as a whole. Before joining the ranks of its employees, he pursued a postgraduate degree in Social Psychology from the School of Sociology and Politics Foundation in Sao Paulo.

In addition to that, Trabuco has extensive professional qualifications in diverse fields such as accounting, economics, engineering, and management. His meteoric rise to the presidency of Bradesco reflects Bradesco’s growth and development. His personality is well disposed to the role of a banker and business executive. Trabuco rose to the helm of Bradesco at a time of intense competition from its main rival Itau Unibanco.

Even so, he was instrumental in making Bradesco a worthy competitor. This he achieved through the purchase of HSBC’s operations at a surprising sum of $5.2 billion. Through this deal, he shattered previous records of company buyouts. In turn, acquiring HSBC placed Bradesco at the top of the pack in the financial services industry. Besides, Bradesco outperformed Itau in the number of active account holders, gross investment funds, and branch networks.

His longevity within the company equips him with a unique understanding of the company’s operations, vision, mission, and potential. In turn, this results in increased productivity, developments, and growth beneficial to Bradesco’s stakeholders. In his first four years as its head, Trabuco was able to increase performance ratios and double its assets. For instance, Bradesco’s market share rose from 10% to 35% making it the biggest insurer in Brazil. His contributions were acknowledged, as he was awarded two Insurance Personality of the Year awards.

Besides that, he has been instrumental in helping the company attain new heights in other business areas. For instance, since becoming its CEO, its active insurance holders grew from 37.7 million to 50 million. Also, the number of active bank account holders increased by 7 million to 27 million. These achievements make apparent his resourcefulness and management aptitude. In the recent past, he has managed to help the company consolidate its position despite fierce competition from other industry players. Trabuco relies on an organic approach to grow and expand the company’s reach in the Brazilian market. His strategy, accordingly, constitutes the systematic acquisition of smaller banks into one big unit. As such, he recognizes the need for transforming the way Bradesco does business.

Being at the forefront of this pursuit, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi understands what and how to do it. In relation to that, he takes the lead in driving Bradesco’s customer acquisition activities. In 2009, he initiated a drive to open 211 branches targeting an estimated customer base of 100 million by 2025. Also, he instituted financial overdraft products targeting Brazil’s high net clients via Bradesco Prime. It is expected that as the Brazilian financial market evolves, Bradesco will have to contend with new challenges. Having a capable head in Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will help it remain productive, profitable, and capable of weathering problems.

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Fabletics Enthusiastically Embraces Consumer Reviews

Recognizing the importance of dependable and reliable reviews that further advance the bottom line of a business, Fabletics has made the most of the power of review centric advertising policies.


The company, which was launched in 2013, has grown to more than $235 million in revenue with more than one million members. In addition to its online presence, Fabletics has 22 retail stores and plans to open approximately 12 more this year.


According to Fabletics, its growth has been steered by consumer reviews, improved loyalty and customer retention.


Upon registering members are asked to complete a quick quiz about their workout and lifestyle preferences. The information helps establish prices and produce what fashions customers will be asking for in the future.


Shawn Gold, corporate marketing officer of Fabletics parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, stated in a Huffington Post story, that a good deal of the brand’s accomplishments have resulted from welcoming the user reviews or crowd reviews.


The story, which pointed out how important online reviews are to consumers when deciding whether or not to purchase a brand, also involved many research studies.


For example, a recent BrightLocal study revealed 84 percent of consumers have confidence in online reviews similar to a personal recommendation from someone they know.


According to Peter Holten Muhlmann, founder and chief executive of Trustpilot, today there is security and trust in the views and responses from the crowd and the most intelligent brands not only are aware of this but take advantage of it as well.


More than half of those surveyed said they consistently read reviews as well as research a company while 60 percent said they would not use a business based on negative reviews.


Research firm L2 found 76 percent of top consumer brands highlight user reviews on their website as well as product pages to guide purchases. The research found the number of brands that have added in reviews to their website has soared by more than 70 percent since 2014.


L2 also found products with more reviews on various e-tail sites, such as Amazon and Walmart, rank higher in searches than sites with less reviews.


In addition, two studies by Moz and The Local SEO Guide, brought about positive online reviews that had a major influence on the brand’s search standing.


According to results from BrightLocal, 74 percent of people agreed they would engage in a purchase after observing user reviews on a product page.


From the restaurant perspective, Yelp found a one-star rise in rating directs revenue to a 5-9 percent boost. Yelp’s collective reviews expanded by 26 percent while app users rose by 22 percent compared to the previous year.


Fabletics was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. The retailer sells women’s athleisure apparel and accessories.


Kate Hudson was the first person the founders thought of as her approachable and active lifestyle exemplified what they would like Fabletics to develop into.


Hudson has been heavily involved from the onset, reviewing budgets, taking part in the design process and working closely with the team on all the styles.

George Soros Gives Progressives A Strong Voice

George Soros has truly lived up to the meaning of his family name. He was born in Budapest Hungary in the early 1930s. His family lineage, according to Wikipedia, is Hungarian Jewish, non-religious and well-to-do. As the prevailing attitude of the time became more tense and antisemitic, the family changed its last name from Schwartz to Soros, meaning either next in line, or designated successor in the native tongue.

Soros credits his father for displaying heroism when he was about age 14. His father succeeded in hiding the identity of some Hungarian Jews who were being sought by the Nazi Party under the command of German leader, Adolph Hitler. Learn more about his profile at

Soros moved to England in the late 1940s where he attended the London School of Economics and received his undergraduate and post-graduate degree in philosophy. This aided his later strategy in market investing and in developing the concept of reflexivity in the markets.

Soros began his business career after experiencing a low point in working as a traveling salesman. He secured a position as a clerk with Singer and Friedlander Merchant Bank in London, and soon transferred to the Arbitration Department. In the late 1950s, he moved to the USA and continued his career venture in New York working for F.M. Mayer. His role was similar to that held at Singer and Friedlander Merchant Bank.

During the 1970s, Soros along with some key investment strategists, created a portfolio and hedge funds that exceeded expectation over the succeeding decades. According to the Washington Times, Soros gained much of his fortune from the currency crisis that occurred in England during the early 1990s.

Political Involvements

Soros was involved as a major donor in the last three US Presidential elections. Politico places him alongside other elite donors including Haim Saban, Tom Steyer and Don Sussman. These donors contributed to the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and numerous super PACs within the Democratic Party. Soros makes his donations through his Open Society Foundations. His political interests were criminal justice reform, immigration reform and religious tolerance according to Politico.

Some of the super PACs that Soros has contributed to include:

Immigrant Voters Win, American Bridge 21st Century and Planned Parenthood Votes. It is estimated Soros contributed $8 million to the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Philanthropic Causes

According to records reviewed by the Washington Times, Soros donated over $30 million to help fund groups involved in the recent Ferguson, Missouri protest calling for citizen equality in police matters. It is estimated that George Soros has donated about $13 billion over the past 30 years toward international causes focused toward healthcare, education and political reform. He aids the collective progressive voice in expressing itself. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Nick Vertucci Warns of a Possible Housing Market Correction in California

Rising home prices coupled with a booming U.S economy have introduced fresh sets of problems to the Californian real estate market. The real estate veteran, Nick Vertucci foresees an imminent housing crisis in the Golden State unless the relevant authorities intervene immediately.


Millennials in Trouble


Nick Vertucci notes that in the last five years alone, home prices appreciated by over 75% in places like San Diego, San José, and Los Angeles. A huge percentage of Millennials have effectively been locked out of the home’s market. The RV’s lining the cities are clear indicators of the massive housing problem in the state. Most young professionals prefer to live outside the metropolis to save on rent.


California’s Economic Indicators


Nick Vertucci believes that unless something gives California is headed for a severe housing market correction. California is a place of great contrasts. On one side, California leads in tax revenue collection. It has the highest per capita income ($29,606K) and jobs are in plenty. Something must be seriously off as the state also has the highest adjusted poverty rate in the US.


Finding Lasting Solutions


The slow pace of the housing projects arises from a lack of sound planning by the developers. For instance, you find buildings having fewer units than stipulated by the zoning laws. That effectively ties up vital developmental land for decades. Additionally, you find companies commissioning offices but, failing to erect housing for their employees.


In a bid to find a lasting housing solution, politicians, led by the Governor, Jerry Brown passed a crucial bill to stimulate housing development. Under the new bill, the final approval for all development projects in Sacramento lies with the state and not with the municipal groups and local government.


Politicians Act


Local community groups, city planners, and mayors have voiced their opposition to the new bill. Under the legislation, big developers are exempted from adhering to the strict environmental, procedural and zoning rules. Politicians find themselves in a quagmire of sorts. On one side, if the leaders fail to listen to the voters, they might find themselves out of a job. But, without business-friendly laws, development will stagnate as investors flee to other states.


About Nick Vertucci


Nick Vertucci is a prolific American realtor and investor. Nick lost a fortune when the dot-com bubble finally burst. Nick didn’t despair. He went on to start afresh and build an empire worth millions of dollars. The seasoned realtor is passionate about empowering future generations of entrepreneurs. Nick uses his NV Real Estate Academy to impart his skills and wisdom to aspiring realtors. Since 2013, Nick’s NV Academy has helped countless entrepreneurs to meet their dreams and aspirations.

Don Ressler: Internet Marketing And Brand Building Guru

The internet is one of the most effective marketing platforms ever devised. Don Ressler is of the people that have mastered the use of this platform and has been able to use it to promote goods, services and companies and raise funding for online businesses. So far he has been able to generated more than $1 billion in sales. Ressler has also helped to raise over $100 million in investment capital for internet based companies. That track record has led a growing number of people to proclaim Don Ressler to be a brand building and business funding and management guru.


Don Ressler has a natural talent when it comes to building businesses. His first company,, was a runaway success and was bought by Intermix Media. The company also hired Ressler to become part of their marketing team. At Internet Media Ressler met business wunderkind Adam Goldenberg. Together they turned Alena Media, Intermix Media’s marketing arm into the company’s most dependable and largest income stream. It was a major reason News Corp bought Intermix Media for more than $650 million.


After the sale of Intermix Media, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to go into business together. They started the business building incubator Intelligent Beauty. Through that company Ressler and Goldenberg co-founded the successful businesses DERMSTORE an online cosmetics and skincare marketplace as well as SENSA, a weight-loss system. Another of the companies the Ressler co-founded through Intelligent Beauty was JustFab, a subscription fashion website that now has millions of members.


The success of JustFab showed Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg had their finger on the pulse of the fashion industry. In 2013 Ressler and Goldenberg collaborated with Kate Hudson to create Fabletics, an online subscription activewear brand. Fabletics is known by consumers because of their stylish, comfortable, versatile athleisure clothing that can be worn for work or play. Fabletics has now become an international sensation with millions of members throughout Europe and the United States.


Don Ressler is a visionary businessman with a deep understanding of online performance marketing. For over 20 years he’s been working to make numerous companies successful using his online marketing skills. Fabletics has also become an all-inclusive brand by offering their great fitting, stylish clothing available to more women by producing them in plus sizes. Don Ressler continues to show his unmatched marketing, customer relations skills and his ability to spot trends.

Lime Crime vs The Competition

Cosmetics are some of the most popular products on the market today. There are literally hundreds of brands and thousands of products to choose from on any given day. The bad thing about this is that the market is over saturated which makes trying to find what you’re looking for impossible. Many of today’s cosmetics are loaded with chemical additives and are tested on animals which is another reason to not support the brands. Luckily there is a new and improved brand that is totally different from the rest and that brand is Lime Crime. For people who love to be different and express themselves in another fashion, this exclusive product line takes the cake. What makes it so different is by the wide array of colors. These aren’t just your average everyday colors, but more so blended color tones. Even their names grabs the attention such as wicked, utopia, shroom, black velvet, red velvet, faded, cashmere, rave, pink velvet, and many more.


Founder Doe Deerehas found a winning strategy thanks to this eclectic sense of style. The brand is actually a reflection of herself as she’s always been a bit eclectic in nature. Deere implemented this blueprint into a industry that was void of bright and brilliant colors. In 2008 she launched the brand and from there it has been making huge waves throughout the industry. Lime Crime has a large fan base especially online. This is a universal brand with unisex appeal as men and women tend to enjoy wearing the dazzling array of colors. The Blue Unicorn Lipsticks have become a fan favorite as well and who knew these blended colors would have such massive appeal worldwide.


Liquid Matte Make-Up Finishis another secret here as these lipsticks are touch proof, kiss proof, water proof, easy to apply, and easy to remove. Being vegan-free doesn’t as well as not being tested on animals. Lime Crime is simply on another level when it comes to lipstick make-up. The brand has expanded into eye shadow and nail polish which has made it main stay in modern day society.