Jorge Moll in Support of The Adoption of Innovative Medical Technology

Technology has been transforming multiple industries, and the medicine and health sector haven’t been left behind. Looking at the recent achievements made in medicine, modern medical technology has played a pivotal role in ensuring that medical personnel within the scientific realm come up with the much-needed innovation.

Silicon Valley is one of the hubs that allowed the flourishing of medical driven technological solutions. Much of the medical-oriented tech is increasingly being adopted by health institutions around the world. Assessing the pharmaceutical sector, it is a fact that innovative and modern technology are opening new horizons. Follow Jorge on

Dr. Albert Chan is the vice president of Sutter Health which is a leading health provider. At Sutter Health, Chan has been pushing for the incorporation of technology in the everyday running of the health institution. The reason behind this is to provide quality healthcare to patients in a timely, innovative and affordable way.

Recently, Dr Chan visited Brazil to discuss the significance of adopting new technology in the country’s medical institutions. During the visit, Chan was able to discuss the importance of implementing these technologies into the health sector which will, in turn, transform how patients receive medical attention and care.

Jorge Moll is the current president and owner of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education. He is one of the backers of the use of technology in medical institutions. Jorge is the owner of Brazil’s largest medical facility and is already making plans to add more technology-driven solutions the health institute he runs. One such technology is the Google Glass.


Both Chan and Jorge Moll believe that the use of Google Glass will transform the experience for both doctors and patients. One feature of the Google Glass technology is the ability to provide the doctor with all the information about the patient using a single voice command. The technology will provide efficiency within the medical industry while at the same time creating a more personalized experience for the patient. The ability of the doctor to solely focus on the patient during the checkups, thanks to the Google Glass technology will aid in personalizing and improving the patient’s experience. Watch this video on Youtube.

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