Red Velvetine Matte Lime Crime Is Spotted On Cheryl Blossom of Riverdale

Are you someone who instantly falls in love with a product that they see being worn by someone famous? Do you tend to look for the styles that you see in magazines or on television shows? If you are, you have to be familiar with Riverdale’s Cheryl Blossom. Cheryl is in love with the color red and why wouldn’t she be with the flowing red hair she has? In order to pull off the whole look, Cheryl depends on a bright red lipstick shade to pull that off. She has to find the right shade to compliment the red hair.

For Cheryl, she knows that she has to wear something that will not loose its color as the day goes on. She will be in front of the camera for long hours and must put in a lot of work for each episode of Riverdale. For this reason, she only wants to have to apply lipstick once. She does not want to have to keep stepping off set in order to reapply more lipstick and with Lime Crime, this is definitely not a problem. She never has to worry that her lips are dull.

Cheryl is in love with the lifestyle that she leads and the fact that she is high demand. She loves fashion and loves everything that has to do with the high end market except for her lipstick. For this, Cheryl loves nothing more than Lime Crime Matte Velvetine on her lips. The shade accents her well and gives her the look she is hoping for each time that it is applied. She loves the liquid matte form and speaks highly of it.

While being interviewed by Vogue, Madelaine was asked about the different brands of makeup that she is in love with. She is very fond of LimeCrime on set and off set. She loves that the shade never fades throughout the day and she loves the fact that it is completely vegan free. There are no traces of anything animal wise in any of the Lime Crime products. This is very important to actresses who are in love with keeping animals safe.

When there is a scene which calls for a kiss, one that must leave a trace amount of color on the lips of the costar, Madelaine shares that she applies a small amount of Nivea to her lips. By applying the small trace of chapstick to her lips, she is able to pull off the plump, slick, glossy red look that is demanded for this role.

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