Sentient AI – A/B Testing

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence has no stop, and it gets accelerated year after year by sweeping all the industries. It has made widespread changes in many traditional business sectors and driven efficient results. Many manual works became automated, and there is no end of innovation by the technology in various sectors. Interestingly, most industries have shown their interest to take the fruitful results of AI and Machine learning in the recent years – a change in the approach towards the technology. Though relatively new, e-commerce and digital marketing are two major sectors that receive a rigorous implementation of AI across various business functions of the industrial players.

A/B Testing is a major area that gets drastic changes both in the case of e-commerce platforms and digital marketing campaigns with the implementation of AI. A/B testing was widely used to scale the campaign performances and responsive website options to increase efficiency and customer engagement. Interestingly, all A/B tests were conducted manually until recently, and it was less efficient and highly time-consuming. With the introduction of AI, the testing process is going to be more productive and become more scalable than the initial days. It is expected to significantly cut down the expenses related to e-commerce platform developments and campaigns while ensuring more assured results.

While coming to web designing, especially in e-commerce sites, A/B testing is conducted to check the variations of web page design. With AI in store, the site masters have expanded the services and started offering tests on both mobile apps and websites to make them more personalized. This provides three significant advantages for the e-commerce sites. It helps the site masters to connect A/B test tools with various customer segments in analytics platforms. By creating behavioral-based segments, the businesses can avoid the need of big IT-enabled data integration projects to support the platforms. It also helps the tools to utilize machine learning algorithms to arrive the optimal variation for any segment while a campaign is running.

The digital marketing campaigns are also getting similar changes in A/B testing with the help of AI technology. While many believed that digital marketing cannot be automated using AI, the recent developments tell a different story. AI helps the marketers to come up with more optimized SEO and PPC campaigns that can drive better results and ranking. Interestingly, the AI based A/B tests help the marketers to produce more predictable results. Also, personalized email marketing campaigns were highly inefficient previously, but the introduction of AI helped the marketers to execute extensive campaigns in few minutes.


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