What it takes to be a Global Ambassador: Daniel Taub Speaks

When Daniel Taub first presented his credential to the queen, there was something different about his presentation. Well, his papers were okay as they indicated the ambassador to Israel.

However, his outfit was very unusual. In addition to the official outfit, Daniel wore something conspicuous on his head. He had a badge that clearly indicated his history. From the information, you could tell that Daniel was born in1962 in Great Britain. Though an ambassador, nothing could change Mr. Taub’s belief as an Orthodox Jew. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.parashadiplomatit.com/

The queen expected him to have surrendered his British Citizenship. She asked him how he felt going to present a country that he had immigrated about 3 decades ago. “I am enlightened to be raising my kids in my historic homeland,” Daniel Taub responded.

Building Historic Bridges with Britain

In the conversation, Daniel Taub was adamant about his belief and resolution as an ambassador. “I strongly believe that trusting your life so much can enhance the building of peace bridges,” Taub said.

As a Diplomat, Daniel was expected to bring his nation of Britain closer to others. He was focused on promoting the ties between Israel and the UK. He said, “For Israel, the UK is a very important historic nation. Other than in Europe, the British media has global influence and the nation is the world’s financial epicenter’’. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

When asked how he was going to do it considering his religious practice, Mr. Taub had almost the same answer. He insisted on the importance of building bridges through cooperation irrespective of his religious standing.

Cooperation Achievements

The cooperation agendas that Daniel Taub insisted on have been realized in major parts of the world. He talked about the Middle East crisis and the need for diplomatic intervention.

When asked if there was hope for the crisis in the Middle East, Mr. Taub was quick to indicate the milestones that the international community and diplomats like him have taken to bring calmness in dealing with Iran, ISIS, and Gaza.

He believes that if Iran continues to stick to the agreement in regard to the nuclear program, then there is no cause for alarm. So far the progress is good and the diplomatic efforts are paying off.


Daniel Taub’s diplomatic journey has been impressive. Having being born in the UK, he attended Oxford and Harvard University before relocating to Israel in 1989. Now that he is back in his motherland of Great Britain, he is the current Strategic Planning Director of Yad Hanadir Foundation.

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