Greg Secker, a Grounded Foreign Exchange Businessman

Greg Secker is a successful English entrepreneur with origins in London. He is the founder of Greg Secker Foundation. The company particularly specializes in training global foreign exchange traders through smart charts. The firm’s capital index is relatively high and was hugely awarded for STP Forex Brokerage. Further, the company has organized several Global Success Summits seminars purposely to relay their trading competence to others through experienced speakers. Greg Secker Foundation has equally helped several people to deal with and counter all forms of trading risks while identifying profitable opportunities.

Greg is a dedicated business leader who believes in himself. In an interview with CEO/CFO, Greg confirmed that his philosophy is “A why not guy.” He further stated that he often says yes but settle for details at a later time. His main agenda is to help others realize that it is possible to make money irrespective of the place and time, a case in point is his Flying Trader initiative.

Even though Greg Secker majored in Agriculture and Food Sciences during his time in college, he also sold and repaired computers. This part-time exposure enabled him to become a programmer, and eventually, he managed to develop a 3D interactive model of a follicle in fluid dynamics. Greg later secured a job at Thomas Cook Financial Services but later settled to work at the currency trading floor. With his coding talent, Greg developed a trading platform for traders.

Greg Secker revealed that his primary understanding of the working principle behind Forex Trading platform was an added advantage for him to pursue foreign exchange even further. Through his skills, Greg borrowed £5,000 and turned it to £60,000 within a year. This tremendous success motivated him to use all the necessary principles to realize success in foreign exchange market.

Greg has widely shared his trading skills through his foundation. The primary focus of this organization is to empower the youths. Being an ambassador to the board of the city philanthropy has also enabled Greg to shape and inform more people. Finally, Greg has managed to reach the international audience through his books that offer a precise guide to Foreign exchange trading.

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