Here Are a Few Things that Preston Smith Learned about in his First Ten Years at Rocketship Education

Preston Smith has been an educator in San Jose, California, for nearly two full decades. He started out with a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of North Carolina, one of the best programs in the nation. This helped prepare him for the low-income areas he would serve throughout his career. Having formed a committee of parents and educators to found a school, founded a school from scratch, and also created Rocketship Education with the help of John Danner, a technological guru-slash-genius, he’s become privy to several sets of knowledge that few others are in education throughout the United States of America – or, the entire world, for that matter.

Educators are fortunate enough to have him provide them with tidbits of pedagogical, educational information that every educator should know about, although few do. Let’s delve into five of them, all of which can be applied to all low-income schooling situations, if not all scenarios, period.

Teachers are hired only if their mindsets are flexible towards mixing up how they instruct students. Many instructors, unfortunately, are rigid in the ways they teach students. Although they think this means of teaching works well, it actually doesn’t. Rocketship Education pays its teachers very well, especially in comparison to those in other low-income areas, and only hires those that are plastic in their teaching methodologies, rather than longtime, well-established educators.

Parents provide teachers with feedback once every month, if not more often, to help modify their methods of instruction. Parents are also their to interview incoming administrators and educators each and every year new applicants are expected to be hired.

Rocketship Education also pushes its students’ parents to enroll their children elsewhere if quality of education isn’t high enough, something that should be done in future schools and to Rocketship.

Rocketship Education was created 2007. Its students regularly score the highest test scores in their respective areas, proving that public schools are still quality providers of education. Rocketship Education was one of the first institutions to implement technology in individualized learning plans, a trend that many schools around the nation have started to piggyback on, seeing as it’s simply so effective.


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