Demi Lovato collaborates with Fabletics

Demi Lovato and Kate Hudson may be the next collaborative celebrity couple to watch! After first meeting in the gym, Kate Hudson has since decided to make Demi her first official collaborator with her fast growing athleisure brand, Fabletics. Demi’s limited edition collection launches this month, with a full collection coming out in August 2017. The items featured will be leggings, mesh and knit tops, racer back shirts, and some with phrases like “stay strong” to continue Demi’s empowering women platform.


Demi Lovato has about 57.6 million followers on Instagram (and growing daily), where she has been sharing pictures and videos every day of her amazing body transformation. She has recently started various training methods such as boxing, MMA fighting, and jiu jitsu. Sharing her active lifestyle among her various media outlets with such a confident platform has made Demi Lovato an inspiration to females everywhere. It’s no wonder Kate Hudson chose her to be her first collaborator.


A portion of the proceeds from the very affordable workout collection go to Girl Up Campaign, an organization ran by the United Nations Foundation that empowers young adolescent women all over the world. Also a portion of these sales will be directly given to SchoolCycle, which gives young girls bicycles, maintenance training and spare parts to allow an easy way to travel to school that is also safe. SchoolCycle works with UNFPA to get these bicycles.


Since announcing the recent partnership, Demi Lovato has spoken to many magazines and media outlets about this creative collaboration. Demi recently told W Magazine that she wanted to be sure to have “flattering yoga pants that have great compression in them.” Like Demi, we all want to have comfortable workout clothes that we feel we look nice while wearing. Partnering up with Fabletics has made this twenty-four year old celebrity even more of an athletic inspiration to modern young women.


According to Forbes, the brand Kate Hudson is the face of, Fabletics, made $250 million in just the first three years alone, as of November 2016. This is possible because their prices are relatively average, in comparison to other brands that are considered high-value which charge upwards of hundreds of dollars. Kate Hudson has worked very hard to get Fabletics the success it deserves. Making it so successful meant looking outside the box for some slightly different advertising and marketing approaches.


Fabletics has a website, as well as close to twenty physical stores across the United States, but their marketing strategies are less than universal. They have allowed browsing items and trying clothes on to become a positive aspect instead of negative. Clothes that members try on end up in their online cart as well. In turn, they have a wide membership base before the customers ever walk in a store; generally, if the customer is not a member already, they will become a member about a quarter of the time before they leave. Fabletics’ new collection is sure to be very modern and fashionable.

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