Highland Capital: Efficient Financial And Investment Advisory

When it comes to investment and financial advisors, Highland Capital is known to be one of the top firms in Texas. With their range of plans and dedication with regards to the service that they provide their customers, they have reached an extremely high position in the field of finance. Over the years, Highland Capital has grown tremendously, becoming the billion dollar company it is today. The company was founded in 1993 by James Dondero with a view of offering clients viable solutions to their investment woes. The company aims to understand what your customers want and provide solutions which they can implement to help their finances grow. The company believes that in their client’s growth, lies their growth and therefore tries its best to always keep their client’s interest in mind while helping them.


Today, Highland Capital Management has grown tremendously to become one of the leaders in its sector. The company offers their clients services in a wide range of fields to help them with almost every array of finance. Be it hedge funds or property investments; Highland Capital knows how to properly deal with every kind of commercial endeavor and find solutions that are effective. In addition, they also offer their clients advice on numerous alternate business investment opportunities that can help them boost their wealth and expand their finances. Highland Capital knows that not everyone who comes to them has a degree in economics, and therefore ensures that all their clients fully understand the different nuances of the investments that they are making. The organization has various trained professionals who are extremely well versed in the field of finance to help their clients and to gauge what their needs are.


Highland Capital has an incredibly diverse customer base, helping everyone, from individual households to large multinational corporations. Through their services, they have helped numerous families and companies grow by offering them efficient investment and financial advice.


Highland Capital’s main headquarters is in Dallas, but the company has various sub-offices in New York and even some in foreign offices in cities like Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul.



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