Highland Capital: Efficient Financial And Investment Advisory

Financial institutions, private equity funds, corporations, and high-net-worth individuals deal in large sums of money, and business transactions that involve the turnover of large amounts of money. Their capital investment is spread over different investment portfolios that cannot be managed in a single pool. To facilitate smooth cash flow and other related activities such individuals or organizations require the services of credit managers. Highland Capital Management Fund Advisor, L.P. is a reputable credit management company whose headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. It was established in 1993 by James Dondero and a partner known as Mark Okada.



The large volume of cash the agency handles means that the safety of your investment with the company is guaranteed anytime and in anyplace. Highland Capital Management is the retail branch of a mother organization which is an SEC-registered adviser of investments called Highland Capital Management, L.P. The company with its affiliates collectively manages assets adding up to $18 billion. For over 20 years, it has been very instrumental in creating alternative solutions for investments in various companies. Highland Capital invests in diversified classes and structures of assets within an alternate environment including unique and distressed situations equity, hedge funds, and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), EFTs, separate accounts, and mutual funds. The trading platform it employs is designed to provide strategies with low-cost alternatives for the specific needs of clients by being structurally agnostic.



Other alternative investments that Highland provides include natural resources, short/long-term equities, and emerging markets. The company ensures that the investment it pools together offers a continuous source of financing for consistent growth. It provides a lucrative way out for entrepreneurs who might be interested in venture capitalization. The client base the company has is quite diversified too, and it includes foundations, corporations, and governments, fund of funds, high-net-worth persons, financial institutions, endowments, and public pension plans. Apart from Dallas, the company has offices in Seoul, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and New York.

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