100% Natural Pain Relief With Heal And Soothe

More and more people are turning into natural products in several facets of life nowadays, and healthcare is one of such areas. Get rid of pain using total natural methods and do away with the manufactured drugs that contains substances that may harm you do have adverse side effects aside from helping you get rid of the pains. Heal And Soothe is a pain relief supplement which is a total natural product with no animal derivative. There is no significant side effects apart from an allergy risk from one or more ingredients.


With age advancement the body copes less with injuries, a younger person overcomes pain and inflammation faster than an elderly person.


Instead of more drugs from the hospital, get yourself natural products like Heal And Soothe that contain Proteolytic enzymes which is actually needed by the body to cope with pain and inflammation. Heal And Soothe utilizes Systemic Enzyme Therapy by combining systemic enzymes with 12 of the most powerful natural pain fighters found in mother nature, including Turmeric, Bromelain, Papain, Boswellia, Rutin, Ginger, and more. These ingredients work together to help eliminate pain.


Heal And Soothe is taken up to three times a day on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before meals or 60 minutes after meals for best results followed up by about 8 oz of water 15 minutes after taking this supplement. When one starts using Heal And Soothe, take 2 capsules twice a day or 4 capsules once a day, increase dosage when there is no reduction in the pain. View Related Info Here.


When one is taking other medication, it is better to consult with a physician before embarking on Heal And Soothe. Apart from reduction in pain and inflammation, Heal also helps in improving joint functions plus maintaining a healthy immune response and also support to cardiovascular and respiratory function.


Many people are testimony to the working and healing powers of Heal And Soothe, and this is more reason for one to try this amazing product for better healing progress with less side effects. You can never go wrong with such a natural product. Get this awesome product in your nearest store.


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Helping Families Through Life’s Struggles With Roseann Bennett

The state of mindfulness is one of the key factors in getting through a crisis. Roseann Bennett understands that being mindful of your surroundings and your environment can go a long way towards solving issues. In her practice, Bennett looks at the whole person. She believes that face-to-face therapy provides necessary information that can’t be found in the newer telemedicine.


When she founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy. In-home therapy provided some valuable tools but once the person was released to become an outpatient, these tools disappeared. Marginally disenfranchised populations who either couldn’t afford in-house therapy or had no access to it were affected the most. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


Roseann’s over ten years’ experience as a marriage and family therapist helps families who have experienced that gap in care. Unlike some therapists, Roseann doesn’t keep to a strict six-session limit for those who truly need it. Roseann quite often considers the patients’ particular needs before recommending options for treatment. Patients appreciate her empathy.


The Center for Assessment and Treatment has helped a number of patients and their families through times of stress and trial. The members of the center provide treatment options. One of the benefits the center does offer is the ability to see patients that day instead of waiting for weeks. This very needed service underscores the need for this type of intervention. Many agencies do offer this type of therapy service, but the cost is sometimes prohibitive.


The future of therapy is bright. Many families still struggle with issues that can’t be “waved” away by technology. Roseann Bennett feels that the cold impersonal touch is counterproductive, yet she acknowledges in some instances that technology can help bring patients out of their shells. It is also good for those who just can’t get to a therapist due to geographical location. See This Article for more information.


The need for therapists will continue to grow. Roseann encourages students who want to enter this field to be open and willing to learn everything. A good therapist is always sympathetic to families in need.


Source: https://www.roseannbennett.net/


Ted Bauman Knows the Future of Bitcoins

When it comes to Bitcoin, everyone is trying to find a way into the hip new digital currency trend. It has brought up some intriguing prospects for the future. In a recent article on Medium.com, Ted Bauman issues gentle warnings about the currency as well as offering tips to his readers to make the most out of it. His article, Bitcoin Has a Massive Problem, is a plethora of financial wisdom when it comes to these internet-based transactions.

In his warning, Bauman talks about the transactions times that plague Bitcoin, a problem he explains will only continue to worsen as it becomes more popular. The reason for this is that since the network for Bitcoin has been decentralized when transactions are made the processors must create new Bitcoins. This is a lengthy process, comparative to other transactional resources, often taking more than 10 minutes. On busier days, the process time is excessive and can be as much as 42 minutes. Read this article at Medium.com.

So, Bauman believes that buying the currency right now will result in profits anyhow. The reason is that because of the slower transaction time, people have been looking for a new type of cryptocurrency. This was answered by a seemingly new type of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash. The best thing about this is that the previous old Bitcoins that were owned before the release of the new finance system were included in the new Bitcoin Cash program. Bauman foresees that Bitcoin Cash too will need an upgrade in the future. He postulates that the original Bitcoin, whose pricing has plummeted, will certainly be included in the same blanket as they did when Bitcoin Cash was released. He explains to his readers that buying now and waiting for this release will result in money in the bank. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

Jeff Yastine has been a successful financial expert for many years. An international traveler, he received his degree in Economics from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. His time in other countries leads to him collaborate on several projects dedicated to creating low-cost housing. He continued to work both domestically and internationally to further that cause. Later, he decided to develop his writing and share his investment knowledge with the public. To this day, he is still a major editor and author at Bayan Hill Publishing. His publications have touched many readers hoping to expand their financial horizon. In his writing, Ted Bauman continues his quest to help his readers become more financially sound.

View: http://releasefact.com/2018/01/jeff-yastine-highlights-little-known-industry-with-tremendous-potential/

RECAP Bob Reina’s Article “Surval of The Fittest in a Society of Quitters”

Bob Reina was just a regular guy who got fed up with his day to day life as a policemen. He felt limited by his paycheck regardless of the time and effort he put in. This lead him to quit his job to pursue something greater. Like most new entrepreneurs he found it difficult and it wasn’t until 2004 that Talk Fusion became a reality. Reina credits the profitability to his company as he put it, “we created the RIGHT product at the RIGHT time.” Something may new business hopes for.

In Reina’s article, “Survival of The Fittest in a Society of Quitters,” he begins to talk about how in this day and age, we seemed to have evolved into a species of quitters. That our youth’s failure to commit to a schedule and proneness to procrastination is distancing us from aspiration. Reina compared this to the higher number of divorces each year, that as the going gets tough, the quitters get to quitting. The blame for this is our new found desire for instant gratification. That if we don’t see the results we want right away, or have to sacrifice a little bit of our personal time, we choose to find a way out, rather than finding a way through.

Reina continues to talk about new entrepreneurs failure to accept failure as the reason they fail. They commit so much at the start putting in, 7-10 hour days to get their business to where they want it to be. When it’s turned down, they cut those hours in half, or to none at all. Failure to commit to your business, is a business that won’t succeed. Reina says, “you give less and so you get less,” he’s saying don’t expect the reward without the effort.

The article finishes with him talking about staying on track and not giving up. If you want to be the one who stands out from the rest, the elite, you can’t stop being the person you used to be. You can’t stop being the person everyone counts on, you can’t stop trying, and you can’t revert back to your normal life. This guilty pleasure of billions is also their downfall. Reina finishes the article by saying, “You weren’t bred to be a quitter or raised to be a failure; you’re stronger and better equipped to thrive than you think.” Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/

David Giertz Gives Sound Social Security Advice

When you are looking to prepare for the future, simply saving money in a savings account likely will not get you to your financial goals. Instead, you will need to invest in the stock market and also take advantage of other retirement solutions. It would also be a good idea to work with a professional that is experienced with helping people prepare for retirement. One individual that has continued to provide sound advice to customers for years is David Giertz. David Giertz works for Nationwide Investment Services at operates out of the Columbus, OH office.

While David Giertz has typically provided advice directly to customers, he also recently provided advice to financial advisors to ensure they are giving their customers the best service possible. Most recently, he provided advice to financial advisors to focus on Social Security and how people could maximize the benefit. He stated that while Social Security may seem like a very straightforward and easy process to a professional, it is actually very confusing too many people approaching retirement and there are a lot of different misconceptions about the program that could end up being very costly for people who are about to receive the benefit.

One of the biggest misconceptions about social security benefits is that people believe they should start taking it as soon as possible. Those that are retired are able to qualify for Social Security as soon as he turned 62 years old. However, many people do not realize that they will end up hurting much more on a monthly basis if they wait a few years. Simply simply waiting until they are 67 years old, which is considered the full retirement age, would result in a much higher monthly paycheck. Those that wait until they are 72 could end up earning up to 50% more than someone who took the benefit when they were 62.

White Shark Media Real Reviews From Real People.

White Shark Media has been reviewed by many of the people who have been using their services and those reviews show, without a doubt why people love to use their service. Many people have been trying to use pay per click and Adwords programs to increase their business and White Shark helps to make this service work for business people of all types.

Many of White Shark Media’s customers say in their reviews that they are happy that they have the ability to partner with them on their PPC campaigns. Some of the reasons are the fact that White Shark has the knowledge and experience to know what works and what to avoid. This knowledge can save a company’s marketing budget.

Another one of the things that is brought up time an time again is the fact that communication is important. White Shark Media loves to communicate with their clients, customers and friends. This makes the whole process of running PPC advertisements well worth it. With open communication between the company and White Shark, it makes the process easy to adjust. This means that a company can have White Shark do more of what is working and get a bigger share of the company’s market with ease.

Most of the reviews say that doing business with White Shark Media has increased the company’s business. It is easy to see how any company can get more market share and reach more customers by running a successful marketing campaign. Another important part is that White Shark has taken extra steps to make sure that anyone from any company can get to a real live account representative any time by calling a direct phone number. The ability to speak to a live person almost right away is unheard of in today’s automated society. People love all of the benefits that White Shark Media can provide them and these reviews show it.

Bradesco Is Preparing For Lower Interest Rates In 2018 According To Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Brazil’s Central Bank is trying to keep economic growth on track by easing real interest rates. According to Bradesco’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, Luiz Carlos Trabuco interest rates are going to fall dramatically in 2018. That’s big news for Brazilians who didn’t know what single digit rates felt like on their bank account. The banks will continue to be selective when it comes to who they will approve for personal and business loans, but if they qualify people can buy that house they want and businesses will reduce funding costs and profits should increase. But there is a hint of the recession still floating through the air, so no one is jumping up and down with joy over the interest rate reductions except the big Brazilian banks. And Bradesco is one of the biggest.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows in an election year anything can happen and that means former President Rousseff may be back in some way and the famous ex-president Lulu could wind up being president again. According to valor.com.br Trabuco is not a banker that likes to mix politics with banking business, so his focus is on track by finding a new CEO and guiding the bank to new heights in terms of profit and assets under management.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has several candidates in mind for the CEO position, and all of them work for the bank. Mr. Trabuco has been able to put an executive team in place that can handle bank expansion plans and keep the bank profitable while those plans are in the works. Trabuco is a banker as well as a businessman. He knows how to motivate more than 100,000 employees in the domestic and foreign offices. Luiz is a conservationist and environmentalist that respects nature and protects it by incorporating bank programs that educate as well as play a part in slowing down the impact of climate change.

Read more: Trabuco: Despite the uncertainties, investors believe in the country

Most people don’t realize how important the Bradesco executive is in Brazil, but now that long-term Chairman Lázaro de Mello Brandão is in the final stage of his banking career other members of the team will play an important and visible role in bank operations. Brandão is the godfather of Brazilian banking, so his exit will impact the Board of Directors until Trabuco can function in that position full time. According to Lázaro, a new CEO and president will take Trabuco’s place at the March 2018 shareholders meeting. Meanwhile, Luiz will be the president, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. Trabuco may have his hands full now, but some people say the pressure will still be on him once he turns the CEO keys over to one of his team members. But other people think Trabuco’s banking expertise and his philosophy and psychology background as well as his contacts in the banking and corporate world, will be enough to conquer any of the hurdles facing the bank.

The seven candidates on the list come from the IT department, the investment department, the insurance division, human resources, operations, the loan department, and the risk management department. All the candidates are men and they all have impressive banking credentials. The candidates are Mauricio Machado de Minas, Domingos Abreu, Octavio de Lazari, Andre Cano, Josué Augusto Pancini, Marcelo Noronha and Alexandre da Silva Glüher. All seven men will find out who the board picks in February, so the Trabuco and the rest of the team can make the necessary adjustments. No one is picking a winner yet, but Mauricio, Octavio, and Alexandre are the top picks in the minds of some employees in the bank’s Sao Paulo headquarters.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: https://g1.globo.com/economia/negocios/noticia/sucessao-no-conselho-do-bradesco-foi-um-ato-planejado-diz-trabuco.ghtml

Securus Technologies Maintains Its Presence As A Leading Provider Of Criminal Investigation Tools

Securus Technologies maintains its position as a leader and trendsetter in the field of criminal technology. The organization has been around for many years and has a great deal of experience in working with corrections operations, inmate-on-inmate investigation, public safety and modern communication. Securus is equipped to support its clients with all of the tools that are needed to prevent and solve a complicated crimes. The services are designed to perform in unique environments such as prisons and jails. Securus Technologies is based in Texas where it has served a number of different law enforcement bureaus and public safety organizations. Securus prides itself on being a company that agencies can rely on to make their environment a safe place.


There are a lot of details that go into managing detainment facilities. Specific tools and skilled personnel are needed to conduct the day-to-day business that happens in a place where the unexpected occurs on a regular basis. Securus Technologies opened for business in 1986 and began to make an impact on an industry that was in need of innovation. The company currently has offices in Atlanta Georgia as well as Dallas Texas. There are over 1,000 employees serving 2600 contracts to correctional facilities and safety organizations throughout the United States. The leaders of Securus Technologies are not content with maintaining its presence in the industry. The company looks to grow consistently. It spent six hundred million dollars on acquisitions and patents in order to advance its position in an industry that continues to change on a daily basis. Securus Technologies acquired Offender Management Systems in 2007. Offender management had been the leader in the industry until the acquisition to the much larger company.


Cell phone defender technology has become a crucial element to detainment facility management. Securus Technologies partnered with Harris Corporation in order to solidify service contracts with five different Department of Corrections agencies in 2006. Securus is pushing forward with the system. It is expected to assist correctional facility agents with inmate-on-inmate crimes and sophisticated investigations. The program was implemented in 2017 and it is a highly requested feature from Securus clients.


Securus Technologies is proud of its acquisition of JPay Inc. JPay has a very successful company working within the criminal technology industry. It specializes in email, payment processing and entertainment systems for correctional facilities. JPay has working relationships with correctional facilities in 33 states throughout the country. Securus Technologies expects the relationship with JPay to expand their reach within the industry. Their ability to offer more services and features will help Securus serve the thousands of contracts that are in place.


JPay will continue to conduct business as usual, which allows leaders at Securus Technologies to study their habits and evaluate their methods of success.


Barbara Stokes Is A Successful CEO

Barbara Stokes has had a successful business career. She manages a large corporation that sells homes. Green Structure Homes of Alabama is her company. One thing that sets Green Structure Homes apart from other home manufacturers is the exceptional durability of their products.

Even if there is a hurricane with winds of 130 miles an hour, a home from GSH of Alabama will remain standing. In addition, their homes are less prone to fires than most manufactured homes, and they aren’t as vulnerable to infestations. The company also takes steps to reduce the risk of mold damage. Follow Barbara Stokes on Linkedin.com.


What Do Their Homes Look Like?

Their homes have luxurious interior and exterior features. Two of the most common features of their homes are marble or granite countertops.

In addition, there are a variety of materials that are used to build their homes. Some of them are built using a steel frame, but others are built using a wood frame.

View: https://crunchbase.com/person/barbara-stokes


What Jobs Did She Have Before She Worked At GSH Of Alabama?

Barbara Stokes worked for two large corporations before she came to GSH Of Alabama. She worked in high-level positions at both of these companies.

Where Did She Go To School?

She went to Mercer University. Mercer University is located in Macon, Georgia, and it is considered an excellent college. Her degree is in physics and biomedical engineering, but she studied other subjects during her college career as well, such as business management. This helped her to be a more successful businesswoman.

Her Life When She’s Not At Work:

Barbara Stokes is a mother. If she isn’t working, she is usually spending time with her kids. Also, the family is very active in community organizations. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Oncotarget And The Promise Its Research Brings To Thyroid Cancer Cure

You could find a lot of eloquently written articles about Oncotarget online, but none of them could be as concise and complete as the ones from the reliable sources. In this article, we will attempt to offer you what you need regarding researching about Oncotarget’s essentials. This article will be your reference guide in case you want to know the latest updates of Oncotarget. Shall we move on?

The Newest ResearchGate Piece

In this article, we will tell you a digest of one of the many journals and research work that can be found in ResearchGate about Oncotarget. There might be a little bit of levity in the article I am writing here because of the lack of scientific expertise that we have, but it’s enough to say here that one of the ResearchGate articles you can find today would involve the role of FOX06 expression in animals.

In the ResearchGate article, it is shown that there might be a stable involvement of the FOX06 transcriptional factor in breast carcinogenesis. This is something that not many research bodies might have been able to find out, but according to the abstract in the Oncotarget paper, there are right now multiple ways to connect the expression of FOXO gene expressions and fluctuations to the likelihood of breast carcinogenesis. Download output styles at Endnote.com.

The Eureka Alert Report

Another impressive news you probably haven’t heart yet about Oncotarget today is the research from Eureka Alert that showed how Oncotarget’s researchers had found ways to address thyroid cancer issues using various alternative therapies. This news seems to commiserate with all the cancer patients today who need assistance in lowering the symptoms they feel or in increasing their tolerance to the challenges of having the illness. Watch this video on Youtube.

There are also findings in the Eureka Alert article that strongly suggest how the combination of drug therapy from physicians and the use of the palbociclib and vemurafenib drugs can show a novel therapeutic way to treat PTC and other thyroid cancer-related issues. With this promise of remedy, there’s now a lot of things we can expect from where Oncotarget is going with its research.

Read more: http://www.scimagojr.com/journalsearch.php?q=19900191708&tip=sid